Monthly Wrap Up – May 2019

So I skipped the April wrap up because I moved house. Excited to share with you what I have been up to in May!

– Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres
– Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling
– Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
– The Salt Path by Raynor Winn
The Crystal Fix by Juliette Thornbury
– The Chakra Project by Georgia Coleridge

I have not been out much for Brunch this month as I am trying to save money, so I will
share a photo of a veggie curry I made for myself. Trying to be a bit more mindful on how much meat I’m eating.

The Virtues

This is a new series on channel 4. I started watching it because it was made by Shane Meadows, who is one of my favourite directors and stars Stephen Graham who I also love. This programme is quite strange, a very gritty drama but I am enjoying it I just want to know all the past and secrets now!

The OC

When I first moved to the flat, I had no internet for 3x weeks so had to rock it old school with DVDS. I chose to re-watch The OC. Which I have seen a million times before but doesn’t stop me from A. Loving every second of it and B. Crying and laughing at all the funny and sad bits. Still wish I could date Seth Cohen!

A Trip to Boscastle

I went on a day trip with my sister and a friend to Boscastle and Tintagel in Cornwall. Boscastle is so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back and do more of the walks they have up on the cliffs.

I Joined the Local Library
I joined the local library, which is only a 2 minute walk away from me. I would be in there every day but the opening hours aren’t too great… stupid councils and governments! But I like to nip there Saturday mornings to see what they have for me to pick up. Hoping it will make my book buying addiction slow down a bit.

Dee’s Had The Baby!

Dee had baby Aria at the beginning of May, she wasn’t due until the end of the month but she felt like she had cooked long enough! She is the most gorgeous little baby I have ever seen and of course I am honorary auntie! Dee and baby are doing great and there are a few posts of her on our Instagram if you want to see more of baby Aria.

May has been a really busy month and I have been very social hosting in my new pad, also enjoying reading lots of books on my new sofa! Hope you had a good month too can’t wait to see what you have all been reading! Katie x


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