Books on Crystals

Since I’ve been down, unsure about life and stressed I’ve been trying lots of new ways to calm myself, ground and centre me. I’ve taken up yoga and meditation classes which are helping a lot, and also taken a keen interest in crystals and crystal healing. I’ve always been interested in crystals my first one was a rose quartz then I got some blue algate, then people gave me some crystals and after beginning meditation my collection began more and I wanted to gain more knowledge about these beautiful and powerful crystals.


The Power of Crystal Healing
By Emma Lucy Knowles

This book was the perfect “starter” book, it gave simple ways on how to cleanse, use and purchase crystals. The book has beautiful imagery and photography throughout. Emma lists lots of crystals and also alternatives which have similar properties. The one thing I didn’t like about this book is there isn’t pictures of each crystal under each explanation but it’s a great reference book.


The Crystal Fix
By Juliette Thornbusy

I borrowed this book from the library and I LOVE it. For each room Juliette explains what crystals work, she gives clear and great explanations on how to cleanse crystals. Each crystal has a photo so you know what they look like if you are looking to buy them. There are also rituals and other ways to use crystals. My sister and myself tried out the full moon ritual which was really great. Out of the three I’ve found this book the most helpful.


Crystals – The modern guide
By Yulia Van Doren

This is another great little reference book. Yulia gives her top 10 essential crystals then lists another 60 I think in the book. The first part of the book is about cleansing, healing and other bits and bobs. I love the imagery in this book too great coffee table books to have if you are into this kind of thing.


Is anyone else into crystals? Can you recommend any good books or crystals? Thanks for reading. Katie x


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