We Are Back!

You may or may not have noticed that we haven’t posted for a while. First of all, sorry about that second of all I can now tell you why… (Hope you haven’t forgotten about us!)

For me, life has been a bit tough…scrap that a LOT tough especially in March & April. I broke up with my long term boyfriend because I found out by multiple people that he was cheating on me… Then I had to move out into a flat we were supposed to live in together and on top of that work has been extremely stressful. So lots to deal with! I have found it difficult to want to read books let alone concentrate and write blog posts. But the good news it, things have settled, emotions have been quietened down. I love living on my own and have made my own sacred space for myself and the best news of all, I am back to reading!!


As you may know Dee was pregnant… her beautiful bundle of joy joined us at the beginning of May, a little earlier than expected but looks like she was done cooking in the oven! Aria is now the third member of Brunching Bookworms, start them early I say! Dee already plans to start reading her Harry Potter and she is only a few weeks old! Dee and baby are doing great and she has had lots of support from her wonderful fiancé, family and friends. Obviously being a mummy is very important so if you want to see what Dee is up to she does post regularly on our @brunchingbookworms Instagram page.

This is me (Katie) giving Aria some cuddles!

So, as you can see we have both had lots of life challenges, lessons, emotions, stress and finally joy over the last few months. But we promise to get back to blogging so you can enjoy Brunching Bookworms once again. Thanks for reading and hope you are all doing great, can’t wait to catch up with all your posts! Katie & Dee xxx

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