Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019

March has been a VERY weird month for me, started well I went on holiday with my mum, ended terribly as I found out my boyfriend of 3 years had been cheating on me. So yeah…a massive huge shock and rollercoaster of emotions this month. On holiday I blasted through 6 books, when I found out about my boyfriend… I haven’t read a book since. I just can’t get into anything.

I still have reviews to write up from my holiday reads so bare with me on that, I will get back into the swing of things shortly.

Hoping April will be a better month, but anyway this is what I have got up to in the last few weeks….

– Will You Love Me by Barby Keel
– These Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy
– Whistle In The Dark by Emma Healey
– Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
– 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
– Readers of the Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald
– Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce
– The Self Care Project by Jayne Hardy

The best brunch I had this month was on holiday with my mum. We had Tapas in a local restaurant. We thought Tapas was supposed to be small plates… these were not small!!! We ate soooo much but everything was delicious.

Gilmore Girls
I have FINALLY finished Gilmore Girls. So sad, I am now watching The Year In The Life Of (10 years on) with Dee. I can’t believe it’s finished but I loved it so much!

I read Wild a year or so ago and absolutely loved this memoir of Cheryl Strayed talking the PCT trail on her own. I have wanted to watch the film for ages as well. I did enjoy the film but I still think the book was better. I love Reece Witherspoon her acting in it is superb.


Holiday to Lanzarote
My holiday with my mum was really relaxing, not much to tell really just sunbathing, reading and eating with a couple of walks here and there. I got my first “reading injury” aka a sunburnt hand!! It was so sore but also funny.

Dee‘s Baby Shower
Dee had her baby shower this month. Which was a lovely day. Here I am measuring her bump… I got it VERY wrong opps! But we had a laugh and she was very spoilt with lots of presents for her little bean!

Moving Out
I am finally flying the nest of my wonderful parents and moving into my own flat. I am also moving towns so a proper fresh start. I have SOOO much to do so not sure how much reading I will get done in April but we shall see. I am so excited to move out and create my own space… plus I get a new bookshelf EEEEEEEP

Hope you had a better March than I did and got to read lots of books. If you know any light-hearted reads that are not romance you could recommend please let me know. Katie x


4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up – March 2019

  1. Victoria Symons says:

    A hard month but so much to look forward to in the near future. Holidays, house and summer!
    I’m definitely going to wild a read! I’ve head a lot about it, sounds really good.
    Loved Gilmore girls too! Felt so sad to finally finish the season.


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