Five For Friday – Bad Moms

Hello everyone! Five For Friday is back! So sorry I missed last week, I think it’s the only Friday I have EVER missed. But I have had a really bad few weeks so just not had the time or energy to make up posts. But I am back!! This week I am focussing on “Bad Moms” because in the UK on Sunday it is Mother’s Day. I have chosen Bad Moms because Good Moms are boring HA!

1. Mrs Wormwood from Matilda
Mrs Wormwood is a terrible mum! Her and her husband treat Matilda with such disrespect and mentally abuse her. They can’t see how intelligent and beautiful their daughter really is. Mrs Wormwood is happy to leave the tiny young Matilda home alone all day, she doesn’t feed her nutritious meals, they don’t educate her (not that she needs it) In the end she is happy to run away with her husband and her problems and give Matilda up for adoption. Easy as that. Luckily Matilda ends up with Miss Honey, thank goodness! 

2. Fiona Brewer from About A Boy

Fiona has a lot of issues, she is depressed and has kind of given up on being a mum to poor Marcus. I think she does try her best in her own awkward strange way but she isn’t a very good role model as a mother.

3. Margaret White from Carrie
carrie margaret white.jpg
Margaret White is a deeply religious woman who is abusive and torments Carrie her daughter. Whenever Margaret thought Carrie had sinned she locks her away in a specially decorated cupboard to pray for forgiveness, as a form of punishment. When Carrie gets her period for the first time Margaret beats her because this is a “sexual sin” Margaret eventually tries to kill Carrie. She must be the WORST mum in the world. Abusive, nasty and basically a crazy lady.

4. Mrs Bennett from Pride & Prejudice
Mrs Bennett is one of my favourite fictional characters. But she is so over dramatic and desperate to get her girls married by any fancy rich man. Forcing her girls to marry even if they aren’t in love. She has their best interests at heart really but she can also be very rude and speak her mind when she should probably keep quiet, she embarrasses her daughters on a regular basis with her loud brash tones. She isn’t a terrible mother but should try and keep her mouth shut one in a while. 

5. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby
Daisy Buchanan is not the most maternal mother in the world. You hardly even realise she has a child in the novel as it is always with the nanny. I think she sees her child maybe twice throughout the whole book. Daisy says when she first gave birth “I hope she’ll be a fool – that’s the best think a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” She basically just neglects her daughter to spend her time at parties and fooling around with Mr Gatsby. tut tut. 

What other Bad Moms can you think of in any novels? I would love to know some of your favourites. Katie x

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