Five For Friday – Little Free Libraries

Hello everyone! Welcome to Five For Friday yesterday was World Book Day so to celebrate I am going to give you my top 5x amazing and creative Little Free Libraries.

Little Free Library is a non-profit organisation that inspires the love of reading, community spirit and sparks creativity by inspiring people to do book exchanges from all over the world. There are over 80,000 libraries across over 90+ countries and millions of books are exchanged annually.

There are so many Little Free Libraries all over the world. These 5x are just my favourite creative ones.

1. Fridge Little Free Library
What an awesome way to recycle a fridge! Turn it into a little free library I really love this idea, this one is in Canberra Australia

2. VW Camper Little Free Library
How cute and creative is this! I love it, you can find this one in San Diago.

3. Telephone Box Little Free Library
Of course this one is in London! Quite a big, little free library but such a good idea, as most phone boxes are not in use anymore. 

4. Green Garden Little Free Library
Not only is this a Little Free Library it is also a Little tiny garden hosing small plants. This can be found in Inner Richmond

5. Harry Potter Little Free Library
How amazing is this one, it is painted like all the houses in Harry Potter, Hufflepuff, Griffindor etc. Love this idea.

Have you got any Little Free Libraries in your local area? What do they look like? Do you know anyone who has made their own library? I love this idea and will be on the look-out in my local area to see if I can find any.  Katie x

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