Brunching at Tart in East Dulwich

Last month I went to visit my lovely friend Vicky who has recently moved to East Dulwich in London. She lives on the bustling high-street which is full of amazing independent shops, from cheese mongers, butchers and cafes to furniture stores and jewellers. There were so many wonderful places on the street.

She wanted to try out a small café a few minutes from her flat called Tart. As you can see the outside is very modern but also welcoming, you could choose to eat just outside the front or inside and the window was displaying some of their delicious cakes.


We decided to eat in as it was a chilly February morning. We went with Vicky’s boyfriend Alex and there wasn’t a table for three so the waitress kindly pulled up an extra chair for us. It was a little cosy but I thought that was nice. The table had some daffodils in a small vase and menus were already set on the table.

Looking around the décor was very different and really cool. On one wall were these huge tiles decorated with thistles, the tables and chairs were all wooden, everything looks very clean, modern and stylish. At first glance there only seemed to be a few tables but we had a look around the back which was another room, space for a lot more people to eat or drink.


On display at the front were these amazing looking tarts. Hence the name of the café. There was a wide variety and they all looked delicious. However we were there for breakfast so I opted for a glass of orange juice and avocado, poached eggs on sour bread.


The food came to us pretty quickly and was presented beautifully. The eggs were runny inside and the avocado smushed to perfection.


A very enjoyable and tasty brunch at Tart, if you are in the East Dulwich area I do recommend having food here even if it’s just a small bite to eat or maybe treat yourself to a slice of cake. Katie x

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