Why I am giving myself a book buying ban in March…

Last month I gave up alcohol, which was actually pretty easy. This month I have decided to ban myself from buying books. I am forever telling myself I need to stop buying more books and read what I have, but every month I end up on a book buying spree, hauling in at least 10-15 more books to my never ending collection.

I love buying books it makes me happy, but the amount of books I have that are on my shelf still unread makes me sad. So for the next 4 weeks I am on a book buying ban.

My plan…what plan? I don’t really have a plan other than do not buy books even when I am drooling at the book covers and smelling the pages and craving a fresh new book… now I just sound creepy! But you must know the thrill I mean when you buy a new book. I am going on holiday for a week so I have packed 5 books that I have not read, that have been on my shelf for some time. I will not buy books on holiday so that’s 1x week which will be nice and easy. For the rest of the month I will just have to use my will power and remind myself I have lots of books at home and on my phone that need reading.

Will going cold turkey for a month help? I’m not too sure, I buy at least…12 maybe more books a month. But the first step to conquering an addiction is to admit you have a problem… and I have already done that so step two is to keep my money in my purse and my hands off the pretty books!

This will be a month of reading and reviewing only for me. I am quite excited to see how many days I can go without purchasing a book. I will let you know how my month goes and I will be honest and say if I buy any books.

I’m not doing this to be really hard on myself, I just think it will be a good lesson to learn that I should love what I have before forking out more money for more more more, and that’s with lots of things in life, not just books. I buy clothes a lot too and magazines.

Is less more when it comes to books? Can I go cold turkey and will the book buying ban be successful? I shall find out in 31 days!

Have you ever given yourself a book buying ban? Do you think you should cut down on how many books you purchase? Do you keep buying more when you have unread books on the shelves? Let me know I would love to chat! Katie x

11 thoughts on “Why I am giving myself a book buying ban in March…

  1. Jodi Fisher says:

    Great post!

    I have made a similar goal to this in the past. I didn’t last too long, LoL. Although, after recently rearranging my book shelves I am definitely not really in the mood to buy any new books now until I have read more of what I already own. It definitely help me not want to buy any new books for awhile.

    Good Luck on your goal! You can do it =)!

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    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Thank you! This is the first time I have tried but I have a little diary and I tick off each day when I don’t buy a book so that helps keep me motivated. I have already read a couple of books that have been on my shelf for ages. Hopefully I can keep it up!

      I love a bookshelf rearrange 😌 But it does always make me feel silly owning so many un-read books. Hope you have been inspired to read what is on your shelf 😌

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      • Jodi Fisher says:

        That’s a great way to keep motivated to stick with your goal =)! Great idea =)!

        Rearranging my book shelves have indeed inspired me to read what I already own before buying any new books. Plus, I had just about enough space to where almost every book fitted on all the shelves, so to buy any more books right now would be like “ugh, there’s no space”, LoL.

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      • brunchingbookworms says:

        Oh I am already past that I have a stack next to my bookshelf already 😂 but when I move out in a few weeks I have a bigger book case… for more books 😅

        I think since I did the Marie Kondo tidying up method I am much better at giving up books that I wouldn’t re-read again. I suppose its just getting your brain out of habits.

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  2. Jordyn says:

    Best of luck! I tend to follow not book-buying bans but book-buying delays – I can’t buy a book the day I decide I want it. I make myself wait and really make sure I want the book and will read it within a reasonable amount of time. The delayed gratification makes the purchase sweeter and helps maintain my TBR at a reasonable level! I hope this month helps do the same for you!

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    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Thank you! That’s a really good idea. I think I am just naughty as impulse buying books. I might make an Amazon Wish list and if I still want to really read the book after a while I will buy it. But I always get tempted at offers and cheap books I can never resist! I might join the library soon too so I can read lots but not have to make so many purchases.

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