Five For Friday – Wild, Free and Adventuring

Hello everyone! Welcome to Five For Friday this week I have chosen wild and free as the theme. I have chosen 5 of my favourite books that have the theme of nature, the wilderness, animals, freedom, exploring, being outdoors. There is something just so magical and wonderful reading other people’s memoirs of their adventures, struggles, triumphs, courage and challenges whilst facing the wild.

These books are inspiring and beautifully written.

1. Into The Wild by John Krauker
John Krakauer is such a good writer, in this book he explores the disappearance and death of Christopher McCandles. Christopher ups and leaves his family home, gives away all his money and goes to live in the wild in Alaska unfortunately he becomes trapped because of a river, makes a few mistakes and never comes back home. Krauker explores Chris’s story and also others who just upped and left their lives to explore and live in the wilderness.

2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
wild cheryl2

This is an inspirational and beautifully written memoir about Cheryl’s trek across the Pacific Coast Trail. What I loved about this book is how Cheryl is so independent and strong willed, she is one of few women that trek the entire trail. Cheryl discusses her home life and why she decided to live on the road for a while, you get to read about encounters with bears, lack of food and money, making friends and the inner thoughts of Cheryl I loved this book a lot.

3. The Outrun by Amy Liptrop
This memoir explores Amy’s decline into alcoholism when she lived in London and then her recovery whilst she moves back home to Orkney. Amy becomes at one with nature and this helps her through some really bad times. How she describes the ocean, the wind, the stars the animals and birds is so beautiful and has made me want to fly out to Orkney immediately.

4. Into Thin Air by John Krauker
Into Thin Air is a more harrowing memoir of John’s time climbing Mt Everest. This amazing and huge challenge at first sounds amazing although difficult, but when a nasty storm quickly blows over the group things go drastically wrong and people die. This is still a great read and still made me want to climb a mountain but it also shows just how powerful nature is.

5. Walking The Nile by Levison Wood
I have only just started reading this incredible memoir, Levison walks the entire length of the river Nile at a whopping 4,000 miles! He walks through lots of African countries some extremely dangerous, he walks through rain forests, swamps and desserts and I can’t wait to read the whole book.

These books just show how powerful nature really is, it can help heal, it can kill, it can help you learn and explore and challenge yourself.

Have you read anything similar that I might enjoy reading? I already have The Salt Path on my list. What other books have you read that are adventuring wild and free? Let me know I would love to chat. Katie x

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