Five For Friday – Love Love Love

So as you are probably aware yesterday was Valentines Day so mushy and wonderful. Instead of picking romance novels I have picked books that show love in different kinds of ways. Still passionate and deep love but none of the mushy mushy romance stuff!

1. Birdbox – The love of being a mother

One of Bird Boxes’ main themes is how Malorie copes with being a mother. She finds out she is pregnant quite early on and for half the book she is pregnant and learning to live in a world where no one can see, the other half is her teaching the children how to live and survive in this life. She seems quite harsh sometimes but everything she does comes from a place of love and wanting the children to survive. A love like no other, a mother’s love.

2. You – The passionate stalker love

I have recently read YOU and although Joe is a creepy stalker when you read his thoughts about Bec you can also understand this deep and passionate love and lust for her.

3. My Sister The Serial Killer – The love for a sister

So in this novel one sister is a serial killer and the other cleans up the murders and gets rid of the bodies. What would you do in that situation? Tell the police about your sister or help her get away with “accidents”? She loves her sister so much she is willing to help her, even if they don’t always get on.


4. Paper Aeroplanes – The love of a friend

I love this book and has such a great theme of friendship. One girl is a bit nerdy and by the book the other is the school rebel. But something that happens in both their family lives connects them and makes their friendship strong. They have ups and downs like all friendships do but they love each other and when it comes to it they would do anything for each other.

5. A Street Cat Named Bob – The love for a furry friend

A non-fiction read this time, about a homeless man who befriends a ginger cat. The cat keeps following him around so he takes him in as his own. The cat not only gives him company but gives him a new lease of life to get him off the streets. A heart warming yet sad tale that shows just how amazing, perceptive and magical animals can be.


Can you think of any other books that show love in a non mushy romance way? What are they? Hope you had a lovely valentines day anyway! Much love Katie x



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