What happened when I used the Marie Kondo method to tidy my books

So I have seen so much lately, about Marie Kondo and her method of tidying up. She has a book out and a new Netflix show. In a month or so I will hopefully be moving out of my parents house (finally) and into a flat. I realised I have A LOT of stuff so wanted to do something drastic and get rid of a load of stuff.

I looked into the Marie Kondo method. I didn’t buy her book (as if I need more) I just watched her new show on Netflix. She starts with Clothes, so I did this and the next step was books.


At first I was worried about sorting through and organising my books but I knew I needed to get rid of a lot! My bookshelf had long over spilled onto the floor, in my wardrobe and piled up around my room.


So with Marie’s method, you tidy by category and not by room. You pile up ALL of your books in one place. So I took all of mine into the spare room. That’s EVERY single book you own. Suffice to say I was very tired and sweaty just moving all my books into another room. Also once they were piled up I was shocked about how many books I actually own.


The next job is to “wake up” the books. So for each pile I just touched the top book. Then one by one you pick up every book, if it sparks joy inside of you, you keep the book, if it doesn’t spark joy it goes in your NO pile.

At first I found this hard, but when I picked up some of my favourite books I knew what this spark of joy felt like. I had a big keep pile but also a growing get rid of pile. At first I had a maybe pile, when I finished with all the books I went back to my maybe pile and I realised that hardly any of my “maybe’s” sparked joy.

I had an unfortunate book avalanche half way through, so I had to start the process almost from the start again. Just proving I have far too many books.


Book Avalanche 

In the end my no pile was over 40 books. Mostly fiction but also a lot of old university books I had stashed away.


The No Pile

I took all my YES books back to my bedroom and re-organised my bookshelf. I thought I would be sad I was getting rid of so many books but actually I felt joy. My bookshelf looks so much better now and I almost feel cleansed that I have got rid of so many books that never even gave me joy.


My tidy bookshelf YAY!

I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up. I have now done my clothes, books, beauty products, documents and sentimental items. My room is so much tidier and I feel so much better!

If you struggle to let go of books but want a de-clutter this is a great method, quite ruthless but it’s all about sparking your joy and I think that’s really beautiful.

Have you done the Marie Kondo method of tidying up? How did you find it? If you haven’t done it is it something you would maybe think about starting? Katie x

7 thoughts on “What happened when I used the Marie Kondo method to tidy my books

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Well I didn’t think I would get rid of many books as I hoard and keep things for different reasons I was shocked when I got rid of 40. With the method you start with clothes which I found easier. Its all about sparking your joy so once you have that in your mind its easy to ditch books. Let me know if you try it ☺️


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