Book Review – Stories, Finding Your Wings

Stories – Finding Your Wings
By Heidi Allen
Wintertickle Press
Rating: *****

This incredible anthology is sure to inspire! The stories are simple—yet powerful—vignettes of Heidi’s life that perfectly illustrate the magnitude of results when one chooses positivity. The beauty of these relatable snippets of real-life is the amplified way it resonates with everyday people. Whether it be having a meltdown in Costco or finding out your act of kindness saved a life, we can all pinpoint similar events in our own lives—and that is the magic of this book.

First of all I want to thank Heidi for sharing a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

It seemed like such a coincidence that Heidi had messaged me about her book because this year I have decided to read up about stress, happiness, positivity and anxiety in the hope that I can be less stressed and feel more positive, as I have been suffering from stress for quite a few months now and have already read a few books this year alone to help with this. In one of the first chapters Heidi writes about “Signs” and coincidences that can help guide your life, things that we notice over and over again or maybe just the once that deep down you can recognise as a sign to do something, to speak to someone, to take action. I just feel that Heidi offering a free copy of this book was one of those “signs” that I was meant to read it, and I can officially say that I devoured it all in one day and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things that other books haven’t done for me so far.

This book was exactly what I needed to hear, some points she brings up have been tucked away in the back of my mind and this book has helped me bring them to the front and acknowledge and realise a lot of things about myself, how I can move forward with things in my life and how I can be positive even in the most negative of situations.

Stories is broken down into seven sections:
– Signs
– My Early Years
– Marriage
– Kids
– Friendship
– Life and Death
– Experiences

Within each chapter Heidi tells you her stories, a lot of them start out negatively but always end on a positive note. Her stories are very relatable and written with such an ease it feels like she is sat next to you with a cuppa chatting like you have been friends for years. After each story Heidi writes a page of questions so you can find your own stories and fully relate to what she is saying. I found this very helpful and the questions really spurred my mind to think of lots of different amazing things that have happened in my life and how I have overcome lots of negative things.

Heidi brings up lots of everyday issues within each chapter such as regret, self doubt, relationships, trust, disappointment, vulnerability and patience. Within each topic she discusses how we can choose to see the positive side of everything even in the most difficult or negative moments in life. One metaphor that really stood out to me was explaining to her friend who had just split up with her partner that a relationship is like a rainbow and each colour is a different part of your relationship. That really resonated with me, as I have been with my partner for 3 years and we are at the comfy stage of our relationship and I was beginning to worry if this was normal, but this metaphor made everything click into place for me. (I won’t explain the metaphor fully, you should read the book yourself to find out)

When I read the contents that there were chapters about Marriage and Kids I thought hmmm maybe I will skip them. As I am not married and don’t have children so how will this help me? However I still read both of these chapters and they still in some ways helped me and I could relate to the stories and advice given, which I thought was really clever.

Stories – Finding Your Wings is a very honest, modern, refreshing, helpful and relatable book. If you are tired of reading the same old same self-help or positivity books then I can highly recommend this to you because it felt so unique. I think everyone can relate to this book but it would specifically be helpful to people who feel a bit lost, can’t seem to find the positives in their lives or just a book to empower and inspire you.

You can purchase Stories, Finding Your Wings on Amazon for £12.99 I cant recommend it enough. Katie x

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