Book Review – Bird Box

Bird Box
By Joshua Malerman
Harper Collins
Rating: *****


Malorie raises the children the only way she can: indoors, with the doors locked, the curtains closed, and mattresses nailed over the windows.

The children sleep in the bedroom across the hall, but soon she will have to wake them and blindfold them.

Today they will risk everything. Today they will leave the house.

Josh Malerman’s New York Times bestselling Bird Box is a terrifying psychological thriller that will haunt you long after reading.



Shamefully I have to admit I watched the Netflix film before reading the book, I had no idea it was a book! I really enjoyed the film and thought it was a great concept and Sandra Bullock was such a great actress. However I must say I did enjoy the book more and wish I had read it before watching.

The concept of the book is that people cannot look outside or they become violent, kill people and also brutally kill themselves. You never really know what it is out there or what people see which makes the novel even more sinister. Malorie ends up at a “safe house” in her street with people who are just trying to survive. If you want to go outside you have to cover your eyes with a blind fold.

The story follows two time lines. What happened at the beginning of this strange happening and how Malorie survived for years in the safe house. Also present day Malorie and her journey to another safe place along the river with her two children. In the present day it is only Malorie, in the past there are a lot more characters, this made me want to find out what happened to the rest of the characters, did they survive? Go mad? Move on?

What I loved about the book more than the film was the extra detail and also the more gory and graphic descriptions. Marlorie talks about “training” the children. How she teaches them to use their ears to the best of their ability, she trains them to go outside with their blind folds on. All these little extra details that were not in the film just made the characters feel more developed and I felt like it showed Malorie as a much stronger and more intelligent person.

The suicides and killings are a lot more graphic in the book and I felt the story had more tension and suspense. The book had me gripped from page 1, even though I knew vaguely what was going to happen this didn’t stop it from being thrilling, my heart was racing and I had to know what happened to everyone.

The whole book had a very claustrophobic feel to it. Everyone in the house cannot go out so tensions rise, fights happen they are basically trapped. When they do go outside they have to be blindfolded. The way it was written made it feel suffocating and you could also feel all the characters fear and anxiety of outside. Such a great concept that people just cant go outside with their eyes open, such a simple thing we all do most days being taken from them.

I really loved Bird Box, it was a great, modern dystopian thriller. I just wish I read it before reading it but I have enjoyed both.

Have you read/seen Bird Box? What did you think? Katie x

6 thoughts on “Book Review – Bird Box

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      I’m not a huge “generic” thriller fan but I think this one is pretty unique and I would say it is more a dystopian future novel and how people react and live in a dystopian world. If you read it I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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