Five For Friday – Reading Goals for 2019

Welcome to the last Five for Friday for 2018!! 2019 is fast approaching with only a few days left of this year I have decided to come up with some bookish & reading goals. I don’t really care if I stick to these goals but it’s nice to start the year with a plan and I am always up for a challenge!

1. Read 100x books in 2019
This year I got to 80x books, I was only aiming to read 50x so really surprised I got through so many! The only way is up so going for a higher goal next year.

2. Put down books I don’t enjoy
Just reading through my list of books I have read in 2018 and so many of them I did not enjoy reading. But kept going and forced myself to finish books I wish I didn’t bother with. Next year if I’m not enjoying a book I must vow to place it aside and find another book I will enjoy to read.

3. Make time to read other blogs
I am so happy and over the moon with how many of you like or comment on my posts. I struggle to find time to blog, having a full time job and busy evenings. But I need to make more time for you lovely people, writing amazing posts. It’s only fair to interact with other bloggers when you all interact with mine so much. Sorry for being so poop! I love you all.

4. Keep on keeping on with my bookshelf TBR
I started cracking on with my bookshelf TBR this year. Making sure I read all the books that have been collecting dust on my shelf and I haven’t even read. This is something I endeavour to continue with next year as the pile is still sky high!

5. Read more classic books / what’s on Rory Gilmore’s reading list
A few weeks ago I posted about Rory Gilmore’s reading challenge and had only read 40 books out of the 390 on the list. A lot of those books are classics and must reads so I would like to get through more of the list and tick off some classic novels.

What are your reading goals for 2019? Are you upping the amount of books you will read? Or re-reading some old favourites? Let me know your bookish plans I would love to hear from you. Katie x

12 thoughts on “Five For Friday – Reading Goals for 2019

  1. Jodi Fisher says:

    What a lovely article!

    You read so many books this year, that’s so awesome!

    I am the same way. I have so many books that are collecting dust on my bookshelf and I still go and get new books before I read the ones I already have, LoL. I made a goal to read the books that I already have before buying new ones awhile back. Although, I didn’t keep up with that goal for very long, LoL. There’s always new books coming out or on sale and that goal with squashed pretty quickly, LoL.

    My only reading goal for 2019 is to read books that don’t currently have adaptations. I tend to read books that are going to or already have adaptions before others. So that’s a goal I think I can hopefully keep for the upcoming new year. If you have any recommendations on any good ones, that be awesome!


    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Thank you ☺️ I know I only planned to read 50x I think having the blog this year has really pushed me to read more.

      I am the same! I got 5x books for Christmas and I know that i’ll read them before ones that have been on my shelf for ages 🙊 I am already breaking my own goals haha.

      Good luck with your goal, I take it you mean movie adaptations? My favourite book in the world is The Catcher in the Rye and that will never be made into a movie. Also The Night Circus.

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  2. thoughts36 says:

    I am the opposite, I need to spend more time reading books and less time reading blogs, Twitter links to blogs, and basically just stop reading every page on the internet and read my books. Good luck with your goals. I too would like to read the books I have sat on my Kindle before I get any new ones.

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    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Oh I’m the same, very guilty of mindless scrolling on social media when I could be reading so 100% with you on this! I also have lots of books on my iphone I need to get through but I don’t often read off my phone. Good luck with reading more ☺️☺️

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  3. Redhead says:

    I am all about putting down books that aren’t working for me. Maybe i’ll pick them back up on another day, maybe I won’t. but life is too short to waste time reading something that isn’t giving me joy.

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    • brunchingbookworms says:

      I really need to be more strict and do this too. I have read back on my list of books I have read this year and for so many of them I thin why on earth did I read all of that?!! I like to finish a book once I have started it but need to put it down if it’s not my thing. This will be one of my top goals for next year.


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