Harry Potter Christmas Tag

I love Harry Potter, I love Christmas and I love books… best combination ever! So had to take part in this tag… even if I wasn’t tagged. I found it on The Bibliophagist blog, so check out Sara’s blog when you have a chance she reviews lots of YA books.

It’s your first Christmas at Hogwarts. What’s one book you’ve asked for this year?
I have asked my sister to get me Whiskey in a Teacup by Reece Witherspoon. This year I found Reece’s book club on Instagram and every book I have read that she has recommended, I’ve LOVED! I really love her style and personality so wanted to read more about her and this book seems really cool. 

You spot Hagrid hauling the Christmas tree through the grounds. What is the longest (or heaviest!) book you own?
I have the complete collection of Jane Austen novels in one hardback book. That’s probably the longest book I own. The heaviest will probably be Whiskey in a Teacup, when I get it for Christmas. 

It’s time for the famous Great Hall feast. What’s one book you can’t read without snacks?
I don’t really eat anything when I read, I get so engrossed I just switch right off.

Well done, you’ve brewed your first Polyjuice potion. What’s one book you’d change the cover of?
I love the typography on the cover just not the image. I think there can be something more beautiful or detailed than just the Geisha’s lips. 

You receive a brand new Firebolt for Christmas. What’s one book you read super quickly?
I read all books quickly, I think I am just a fast reader. I read One Day in December in 2 afternoon sittings. So I will pick that one.

You join Harry for his first proper Christmas. What’s one book you’d love to receive this year?
I have a long, long list of books I want this year. I would really love to get Normal People by Sally Rooney, it’s something I have wanted to read for a while but it’s only out in hard-back and I don’t normally buy hard-backs for myself.

You get hit by one of Fred and George’s flying snowballs. What’s a book you wanted to throw across the room?
The Keeper of Lost Things. Hated it.

You’ve just visited Hogsmeade for the first time. What’s one popular book you haven’t read yet?
Circe by Madeline Miller. I’ve wanted to read it for ages but haven’t got round to buying it. Hoping it could be a Christmas present from someone this year.

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to the Yule Ball. What book about Christmas do you love?
I don’t think I have ever read a Christmas themed book. But I do love The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. It’s snowy, there’s a snow girl and it’s cold so kind of christmassy and cosy to read in Winter.

You find Ron’s deluminator. What’s one book that’s helped you through some dark times?
Happy by Fearne Cotton, really upbeat book with lots of hints, tips, activities, tasks, advice and interviews. I do have my low moments but this book is really helpful no matter what page you may flick to.

I wasn’t tagged in this so I’m not tagging anyone back. Take part if you want to just a little bit of fun! Katie x

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