Five For Friday – Books I Started But Didn’t Finish in 2018

So far this year I have read 76 books. There are lots of books I have been meaning to read but didn’t start and also books I started but never finished. I am choosing 5x books I started but didn’t finish this year and giving you the reasons why.

1.Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
This book was everywhere at one point then made into a film. I tried to read it and I just could not get into it at all, I wasn’t finding it funny and there were so many characters I couldn’t really keep up or get what the story was about. So I gave up on this book. Not sure if I will try to read any more of it.

2. The Bees by Laline Paull
The concept of this book really intrigued me, it is about a colony of bees but think more Handmaiden’s Tale, Animal Farm; so a dystopian bee world about hierarchy and women’s rights. I just couldn’t get into it much. I couldn’t really imagine the bees and found the storyline difficult to follow. I would like to pick this one up again and give it another go thought.

3. Children of Blood & Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
I picked this as a choice at my local book club, everyone loved it and I was the only on who never finished it. I just didn’t enjoy it at all, maybe too YA for me, I felt like it was the same old same. I have only heard amazing things about it though, maybe it was hyped up too much for me. I got half-way so may finish it at some point.

4. Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown

I got this book in a Reading In Heels box a few months ago. It is all about Princess Margaret’s life. I love the Royals and find Princess Margaret a very interesting unique and quirky lady. I think what put me off this book was how random it was, there seemed to be no chronicle order of her life just a story here, facts there, more anecdotes and tales of her young, old, middle aged. So I found it hard to stick with but I think it’s one of those books you can pick up and put down a lot and keep learning from.

5. I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
I have every intention of finishing this book. I think I got distracted with other things and I felt this book needed time and concentration. Her story is amazing and she is such an inspirational woman so this will be picked up and 100% read by the end of next year!

If you think I should finish any of these books let me know. I don’t often give up on books but for some reason I did with these, I don’t want to miss out on something great if you think I should give it another chance let me know! Katie x

16 thoughts on “Five For Friday – Books I Started But Didn’t Finish in 2018

  1. nsfordwriter says:

    The Bees is quite a weird book… it was like the Handmaid’s Tale or maybe 1984 but with bees?! I wasn’t keen on it, so I understand why you didn’t finish it.
    If you really aren’t into a book then spend your precious reading time on books that you do enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • nsfordwriter says:

        I’m not really a Handmaid’s fan but I don’t broadcast the fact, as it’s so well respected and influential.
        If a book is really unenjoyable I don’t even want to find out the ending – e.g. Vox.

        Liked by 1 person

      • brunchingbookworms says:

        No I don’t either, I love the idea of the story I just didn’t like the writing style. I have no read that and I won’t bother now 😂 I have looked back on all the books I have read this year and a lot of them I didn’t enjoy which is quite sad really.

        Liked by 1 person

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