Five For Friday – Bookish Christmas Present Ideas

So it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas now, I have almost got everyone’s presents but not quite. I get stuck on a few people, every year it gets harder and harder to be more original with gifts.

So I thought I would give you 5x different bookish present ideas to give to some family and friends.

1. Grace & Honey Bookish Candles
Beautiful scented candles inspired by books. Dee already had 2 of these amazing candles from Grace & Honey and they smell soooo good!! They have Harry Potter inspired, Game of Thrones Inspired and Throne of Glass inspired candles. Check them out they make lovely presents and are all made of natural ingredients.

2. Reading In Heels Curate your own Christmas Box

For those of you who want to give something extra special to a lovely friend or family member the Reading in Heels curate your own Christmas box is the best way to do so!
You can choose from loads of different beautiful items such as scented candles, books, gourmet tea and even gold-accented hot chocolate. Plus lots more to choose from. You must order before December 20th so hurry!

3. Penguin Clothbound Classics

These books just make me drool!!! They are so beautiful and make a wonderful collection. I think they would make a great present for anyone who loves classics, maybe choose their firm favourite like Pride & Prejudice or pick one you have read and would recommend. These books make beautiful gifts. They have a deal on currently choose 3 for £33! Check it out

4. Ideal Bookshelf Pins and Jewellery 
Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 18.10.32

I love adding pins to my jackets and tops, Ideal Bookshelf have some really unique bookish pins that are great as little stocking filler presents. They are really cute especially the little book cover pins. Perfect little present for a friend.

5.Folded Book Art by Laura
Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 18.16.54
These folded book-arts are hand-made and unique. You can ask for words such as Love, Always, Names, Initials, Dates, Friend, Dream. I think these made really beautiful and unique bookish ornaments and Laura who creates them is very clever! Check out her page on Etsy.

I hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration to get your bookworm friends some lovely Christmas gifts…or if you are being cheeky buy some for yourself too! Treat yourself. Katie x

4 thoughts on “Five For Friday – Bookish Christmas Present Ideas

  1. karylahnreads says:

    Oh my heck! I wish I’d discovered this post BEFORE The holidays. I would’ve sent this list to everyone who asked what *I* wanted. 😉 side note- have you ever seen @burningbrightlibray on Etsy? She has wonderful bookish candles with a unique twist. And the fragrances and throw off is fabulous! (and no, I am not a rep- just a huge fan.) I believe she is transitioning to having her own website now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Haha well I hope you have an upcoming birthday or maybe treat yourself to some ☺️☺️ no I haven’t but I will definitely check them out I do love a good candle so thanks for the recommendation! Hope you get chance to buy some of these bookish treats 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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