Book Review – The Other Woman

The Other Woman
By Sandie Jones
Pan Macmillan
Rating: ***

When Emily meets Adam she knows he is the One.
That together they can deal with anything that is thrown at them.
But lurking in the shadows is another woman, Pammie.
Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother.
There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her son, and now Emily is about to find out just how far Pammie will go to get what she wants . . .


I chose this book because it is this month’s Reece Witherspoons’ Hello Sunshine Book Club picks. Reece describes this book as  ‘One of the most twisted and entertaining plots’. Every book I have read that she has picked I have enjoyed. This one I liked but not as much as others she has chosen in the past.

The novel revolves around Emily, she has fallen madly and deeply in love with Adam everything is going so well until she meets his mother Pammie. At first she just thinks Pammie may of made some mistakes, misheard her wrong or didn’t mean to cause any upset. But as time goes by Pammie seems vindictive, nasty and cruel and will do anything to stop Emily from being with Adam. When Emily tries to tell Adam, he dismisses her comments, tells her his wonderful sweet 65 year old mother would never dream to hurt anyones feelings. This makes Emily feel paranoid, is she over thinking things too much? Is Pammie really being that awful to her or is she imagining it?

Why does Pammie hate Emily so much? Why does she not want her own son to be in a happy relationship? As the novel progresses Pammie’s hatred for Emily worsens and Emily’s fear and paranoia of Pammie heightens. As a reader is felt very suffocating and almost made me panic every time Emily had to see Pammie. What would she do or say next? How will she ruin the next family event?

I didn’t really like the characters in this novel. Emily became rather annoying in the end, I just thought if you are really that upset, paranoid and scared of your own mother in law and your own partner literally will not listen to you when you are upset just get away from them! I know love is blind, but it wasn’t like Adam was the most supportive, lovely, kind or caring partner in the world. Emily clearly couldn’t see he was controlling, and borderline abusive towards her and add in the crazy mother-in-law I would of been long gone!

I was really gripped with this novel, the suspense kept me turning the pages until I devoured it in two days. The ending was very unexpected. I had loads of thoughts and ideas what the ending or twist would be but I was very wrong. The reason I haven’t rated this book so high was because of this ending. Which I won’t spoil for anyone but thinking back to how Pammie was to Emily for me a lot of the story just didn’t end up adding up, a lot of it didn’t make sense and I think I would have written another ending.

For the most part I enjoyed this novel until the plot twist at the end, it made me re-think the entire book, plot and characters so it kind of ruined what I was expecting. If you enjoy a fast paced “beach read” thriller then I do recommend this. I have seen lots of positive reviews out there for this book, but unfortunatly it wasn’t my favourite psychological thriller I have read this year.

Have you read The Other Woman? Did you enjoy it or did it remind you too much of other novels, like The Girlfriend? Katie x

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