A Wizard Cream Tea At The Flower Cafe

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this amazing cream tea I had a couple of weeks ago with my friend Clare. We went to The Flower Cafe in Plymouth. I have heard so many good things about this cafe and I’ve seen these amazing hot chocolates and cakes they sell, so wanted to take my friend there whilst she was visiting.


The cafe itself is quite small, but lovely and cosy. I would definitely recommend booking especially if it’s a weekend. All the staff we came across were friendly and helpful which is always nice.

We paid £14.99 each for our Wizard Cream Tea, which I thought was a reasonable price for something so bespoke and fun. This was originally called a Harry Potter cream tea but someone complained about the copyright of the name (idiots) so they had to change it a bit which is a shame. However we didn’t care as we both knew what it was and both adore Harry Potter.

Our cream tea tower came over which consisted of finger sandwiches (we picked the fillings before hand) fresh warm scones with jam & cream, A giant “potion” marshmallow, a ferrero rocher golden snitch, a pot of jelly and cream, a cute cupcake with loads of sprinkles and a chocolate frog. We had a window seat too so it was nice to people watch, until the cream tea came and everyone was staring in at us because it looked so cool!


We also had this amazing hot chocolate full to the brim with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. It was amazing and looked awesome, it even came with a matchmaker for your very own wand!


We both tried to munch down the entire thing but I must say it did get a bit sickly after a while. It didn’t matter though because the staff let us have a few paper bags to take away any left overs which was really nice.


I would definitely come back to The Flower Cafe again. Their hot chocolates alone are only £3.99 and they have so many different ones like unicorn, dinosaur or a mermaid one. I think kids in particular love it here as a nice treat but as an adult I think it’s fun too. I like to support local and small businesses as well. Imagine if the larger coffee shops
did these hot chocolates there is no way on earth they would only charge £3.99! So good.


If you are in Plymouth at any point I highly recommend checking The Flower Cafe out. Their food and drinks are delicious and at good prices and the staff are friendly and welcoming too. What more could you want? Katie x

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