Three Things… Europe Road Trip

Hello all, I have not posted Three Things for a while as I have been so busy! I recently went on an amazing Euro Trip with my boyfriend. We took his car across to Calais and stayed in Lille, Brussels, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bruges. It was an amazing week so I am going to share a few highlights with you.

I am adding an extra title this week… so it’s really 4 things…


Reading – Books?
Like any avid bookworm I get really excited when I see a good bookshop. I found this second hand bookstore in Brussels and got so excited, until I realised all the books were in French and I can’t read French!! An entire bookstore full of wonderful books and I didn’t even want to step inside.

Seeing – Architecture

In every place we travelled to the architecture was so amazing and beautiful. I was in awe looking up at a lot of intricate buildings. I especially loved all the brick houses and churches in Bruges.

Doing – Walking and Exploring

The only tourist thing we did on holiday was go on a boat trip in Bruges, which was lovely. However for the rest of the time we just explored the cities in our own time and by walking around, we never really made plans just went with the flow and explored. I am normally the type of person who likes a rigid schedule, planning in tours, museums, art galleries etc. But I really enjoyed the flexibility and laid back way we took this holiday finding little gems of graffiti, a bridge of thousands of locks or tiny shops, beautiful buildings or a quite place for lunch.

Eating – So much good food

I ate so much food on this holiday and drank so much beer! I tried to eat an authentic dish for each country. The french like to eat lots of chips! I must of ate chips every day. I had delicious food in Germany and in Brussels one night I basically ate a giant pot of Mussels much to the disgust of my boyfriend! I love to eat good food, especially waffles!

What are your favourite european countries to visit? Do you have any favourite dishes to eat or buildings you loved? Get in touch I would love to chat. Katie x

What is Three Things?…
Three Things was created by Paula’s at The Book Jotter. Her new idea is to regularly write three things she observes in the world around her which include:
1. Reading
2. Looking
3. Doing or Thinking

It’s just a great way for your followers to see what you have been up to in the week and mixes up what your normally post about.  If you want to also take part or find out more about Paula’s idea please go to her blog

5 thoughts on “Three Things… Europe Road Trip

  1. brunchingbookworms says:

    It was my least favourite place that we went to actually. How long ago were you there? I found there was a lot of refugees and homeless people. At night I didn’t feel safe at all though there were so many police! And it was like a building site. There were abandoned diggers, giant man holes, building blocks everywhere!! So many people have said it was nice but I didn’t like it 😳 minus the waffles and chocolate of course 😋 😋


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