Three Things… Cats

This week I am focussing on our lovely furry feline friends. I just spent a week house and cat sitting for a friend. Simple you might say… she has 7 cats. This is a little bit about my week with my new fluffy friends.


Reading – Emotions

I don’t have any pets at home, my mum isn’t a huge fan of cats so I have never had one. I used to be terrified of them mainly as my mum is so I learnt that from her. In the last few years I have got over my fear of cats hence the cat sitting. I have never really had any pets at home so not until I was cat-sitting did I realise how animals pick up on your emotions, movements and feelings. Also I can do the same for the cats. Reading animals is a very important skill and I learnt a lot about it this week. My friend doesn’t have a cat flap so I had to know when the cats wanted to go in or out. Also I had to play to their emotions mainly their love of ham. A few cats were meant to be kept in at night and to get them in was a struggle, the cats could read I was desperate, anxious and forcing them to do something they didn’t want to do until I showed them a wad of ham and they ran towards me..

Seeing – Mischief

I enjoyed watching the cats and what they got up to. Boo a house cat would bring me down pens each night as a sort of offering. Boots a stray has no tail and I saw him bump into doors and walls (cats need their tail for balance) Bubbles was so affectionate she would do a strange headbutt thing and lick your nose. Dinky a street-cat always outside prowling around, one day she was covered in dirt. Each one had it’s own personality, some were cuddly, some grumpy, some pigs, some adventurous, some skittish. It was a great experience looking after them and I would definitely do it again.

Doing – Cat Challenge

Looking after a house and 7 cats takes its toll on you. I was woken up most night 3am by Bubbles who decided she wanted to go outside. I was up before 7am feeding them all, 5pm feeding them at night and spent half my night in the garden on “ham patrol” herding them all inside. I had to clean up sick, poo, cat food and cat hair. I had to wash cat food bowls, feed and water them, let them in and out at night and cuddle them in the evenings. It was tiring but I loved it, I really want my own cat (not 7 just the one) and spending a week taking care of so many made me realise that I could. It also made me realise that I was not ready to have a baby.

Do you love cats? Do you have a cute feline pet? Let me know I would love to hear your cat stories 😊 Katie x

What is Three Things?…
Three Things was created by Paula’s at The Book Jotter. Her new idea is to regularly write three things she observes in the world around her which include:
1. Reading
2. Looking
3. Doing or Thinking

It’s just a great way for your followers to see what you have been up to in the week and mixes up what your normally post about.  If you want to also take part or find out more about Paula’s idea please go to her blog

2 thoughts on “Three Things… Cats

  1. Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

    Sounds like those cats kept you on your toes, Katie. I’ve always had at least one cat since I was about nine years old, so I know every feline trick in the book. I can imagine ham being a great incentive – they can be such minxes. You really did learn to ‘herd cats’ this week! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      They definitely did! The ham worked but dangling ham out in the garden whilst wearing pjs and slippers was not a great look for me! Though my boyfriend found it hilarious 😂 I do miss them now though, I don’t have any pets and I really want a black cat! Hopefully one day 🤗

      Liked by 2 people

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