Sunday Sizzler – Chick Lit Chilli

This weeks instalment of Sunday Sizzler we are sharing a delicious home-made chilli recipe and to accompany this a popular chick lit book which has also been turned into a movie.


Serves 2

Tortilla Chips
Tinned Tomatoes
Re-fried or kidney beans
Chilli flakes
Fresh Chilli

Heat a pan with a little oil or fry light, add onions and mince. Wait until mince has browned. Add chopped chilli, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and beans. Let this simmer whilst you cook the rice. When rice is cooked, drain and serve then serve up the chilli. Add tortilla chips to the side or use instead of rice.


This book is the ultimate chick lit! It focuses on Becky Bloomwood, who is in a serious amount of debt due to her shopping addiction, despite this she works as a financial journalist for a magazine called Successful Savings – but she really doesn’t practice what she preaches! The letters to and from her bank manager about her financial situation are very funny, and she often rationalises her spending as “investments” or “necessary” it is an easy and funny read, and the first in a series of 8 books, I have read the whole series a few times and never get bored.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks tasty recipe and must read novel. Please try out our delicious recipe and Dee’s recommended read, let us know how you get on, send photos of your meals or recommend something we should cook. We would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and we will be back next week for another Sunday Sizzler hope you enjoyed.Ā Katie & Dee x

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