Five for Friday – Things I have learnt as a book blogger

So I have been book blogging for just over 6 months now and thought this would be a good time to reflect on things I have learnt so far being part of the book blogger community.

1. Friendly & Supportive Community
I was really reluctant and a bit worried about starting a blog, it’s not something I have ever done before and I wasn’t sure how well the post myself and Dee share would be received. But from day 1 the blogging community has been so welcoming, supportive and friendly. I am still really surprised if I get any likes on a blog post and if someone has taken the time to read it and share their own thoughts it just means so much to me. Even though everyone has different opinions or writing styles the book blogging community just seems to accept everyone and I am so glad I started the blog.

2. Authors can be sensitive
I won’t name the review, author or book. But I wrote a 3* review for something I read and then tagged the author in it. 3*s isn;t great and I understand that, maybe I shouldn’t have tagged the author in the post. However I wrote about 10 really nice positive comments on the novel and only a few negatives, the author fully focussed on the negatives I had to say and ignored any positive opinions I had. The author was highly offended about the review I did and it upset her. Of course I felt bad but also it was my opinion and 3*’s is better than no stars right? I guess the lesson I learnt is that authors are obviously precious about their books and I shouldn’t really be tagging them in a half negative review.

3. Takes up a lot of time
I work full time 8.30am-5pm, I have quite a busy social life, I obviously like to read in my spare time and see family & friends…. when do I get time to blog? It is so difficult to find time!!! I try and schedule as much as I can so I am not worrying about what I am posting. This summer has been particularly busy for me what with holidays and friends visiting so I have recently been struggling to keep up with writing. Blog take up a lot of time especially writing book reviews. I try and squeeze in an hour or so after work or before bed-time but when you have done a whole days work it can be hard to concentrate.

4. Insta VS Blog
We currently have 200 amazing followers on the blog, on Instagram we have 1,100. We set them up at the same time. I think the book-blog community is just more popular on Instagram, we all love images more than reading text. I doubt hardly anyone has even read this far down on my article…give me a shout if you have then I will be impressed! I love how popular our social media presence is growing but those 1,100 followers sure don’t follow or read anything on the blog. Maybe a fraction of them. Is Instagram taking over the blogging world?

5. Free books!
When I started this blog my dream was just to get some free books. It’s happened oh yeah!!! I have had a few people ask for me or Dee to read and review their books. We have had 5 posted to us now. Also I joined Netgalley and have read some books on there which I requested to read from publishers. So I am literally living my dream. I didn’t think this would actually happen. A lot of people do ask us to read and review their book and expect us to pay for them, I guess that happens a lot but I would rather pay for a book I know I am actually going to read. We have turned down a couple of people because their book just didn’t suit us and we thought it would be unfair to review. For instance a lady wanted us to read her book about Mother’s in business. Neither myself or Dee have children so we didn’t think that would be a fair book to read. I think that our honesty has helped us a lot when reviewing, accepting or declining books.

What have you learnt from being a book blogger? What do you love or dislike about it? Do you share the same opinions as me? Lets chat, I would love to know your thoughts. Katie x

One thought on “Five for Friday – Things I have learnt as a book blogger

  1. Cozynookbks says:

    I enjoyed this post Katie, and I did read it to the end. 😉
    I agree wholeheartedly that blogging is not easy, and I don’t even work secularly anymore since 2009! Even with a supportive husband, household chores and other responsibilities make it difficult to read books, post reviews and read others’ blogs. I don’t know how fellow bloggers do it. But I just try to read and enjoy my books at my own pace, then post when I am able. Since I tend to read two or three books at once it can take a few weeks to get through them, then I’ll post maybe twice in one week and once in the next with another hiatus in between.
    The thing I enjoy most about blogging is discovering what fellow bloggers are reading and enjoying, and learning from them. They’re truly a supportive bunch and I like seeing what they’ve been up to and what they can teach me.
    Yes, instagram is very popular for posting book pictures. I’m trying to get a little presence there now. I only have about 320 followers to date for my blog, and 399 on Instagram, but I only average about 30+ likes on my blog, whereas I might get up to 50+ on an Instagram post. I’m fairly new to Instagram but I intend to explore and post more, when I find the time that is. 😉


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