Five For Friday – Most Anticipated Releases

There are always new books to look forward to, I am sharing 5x books that I am really excited to be released and wish they were already on my bookshelf!

1. The Trouble With Perfect by Helena Duggan
I am so, so excited for this book to come out. I absolutely loved the first book, A Place Called Perfect and can’t wait to get sucked back into this weird, wonderful and not so perfect world.

2. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari
I have read Homo Deus but not Sapiens yet, but I loved Homo Deus and learnt so much from it. I love the way Harari writes and his opinions so this book should be really great. I think I should read Sapiens first though!

3. The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden
This has been one of my favourite series to read in a long time, so when the final book is out I will be snatching it off the shelf! To find out the ending to this brilliant trilogy will be amazing but also sad. I love Arden’s writing, she just takes you to another world.

4. The Secret Commonwealth by Phillip Pullman
I can’t find a book cover for this yet, and I’m not 100% that the next book in the Book of Dust series is going to be called this. But what I have found out on Goodreads is that Lyra will be 20 years old. Which I find quite odd as I thought this series was all about Malcom. We shall see what happens when more is released.

5. Melmoth by Sarah Perry
Sarah Perry’s first novel was The Essex Serpent, I thought it was beautifully written but wasn’t a huge fan of the slow storyline, I am willing to read her next book Melmoth though as I really did like her beautiful writing style.

What books are you looking forward to? Anything I have mentioned or something else? I would love to know so get in touch. Katie x

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