Book Review – The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F***k

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**K
By Sarah Knight
Quercus Books
Rating *****

Be honest, be polite, but don’t be a pushover. Welcome to Sarah Knight’s world of “NotSorry” the “anti-guru” presents her much-heralded methods for helping you declutter your life. Her suggestions are funny, irreverent and applied to situations we all actually face. How much should we donate someone for a sponsored silence? Can you decline that invitation to your third cousin’s wedding without appearing rude? Knight has potential answers for everything.


If you don’t like swearing this book may not be for you and neither will this review, but if you care too much what people think of you, have an overfilled schedule of things you don’t really want to do, and have friendships you want to give up on but are scared of letting go then this book is for you. If you want to stop giving a fuck about all those things that annoy you, things you don’t want to do, things you want to let go, this book is for you, if you want to live your best life, this book is for you.

Written in a light-hearted and funny tone Sarah Knight tells you how she no longer “gives a fuck” about a whole heap of stuff, letting all these things that stressed her out or made her unhappy has given her a happier and healthier life with more time to generously give to the things she does give a fuck about. This book can help you do the same.

I have always been one of those people who care too much. In the words of Knight “I give too many fucks” I care about what people think of me and I never want to let people down even if I am too tired, can’t be bothered, have no money, I sometimes just can’t say no. I care so much about what people think of me in an all manner of ways, I have never in my 27 years of living been for a poo at school or work, my worries: what if someone hears or smells it? What if I block the toilet? What if I go then someone comes in after me and tells everyone how gross I am? I have no idea why I have always felt this why and why I give a fuck what people think. I don’t just mean the toilet situation, I care so much that I worry, sometimes I don’t leave any room in my life for “me” time, I love a bit of “me” times, sitting in my pjs, reading a good book, watching a good tv show whilst I stuff myself with snacks and wear some ridiculous moisturising green facemask. I LOVE that. But I always seem to be busy, with friends, at occasions, parties, brunches, lunches, dinners the list goes on. I spend a lot of time, money and energy on things I don’t want to do… this book helped me realise that I shouldn’t be spending time, money and energy on things I don’t give a fuck about, and helped me learn the polite and honest way to say to someone “I don’t give a fuck about Mamma Mia 2, so I really can’t be bothered to pay cinema prices to go with you” Knight teaches you the “NotSorry “ method which helps you “minimise the time, energy and money you spend on useless things and people” PERFECT this is exactly what my life needs!!!

For me Knight made me realise that all this “caring” I was doing was a waste of my money, time and energy. The whole book is about getting those precious things back, but you can only do this is you learn not to give a fuck. She teaches you how to do this openly and kindly so that you don’t go around acting like some asshole. This isn’t about giving ZeroFucks about everything and anything this is compartmentalising the fucks you give, do you give a shit about it then care about it, cherish it, spend time, money and energy on it. Do you not give a shit about it? Bin it off, get rid, your life will improve! At first, I thought dear lord how can I not tell my friend I don’t want to go and see her terrible play? Or not meet up with someone who I honestly dislike these days? But Knight takes you on a journey and tells you how to dip your toes in the not giving a fuck pool. She tells you that you can start simply by “hanging up on a telemarketer, calling in sick on your birthday, or just chucking on a baseball cap to meet the plumber at 7am instead of getting up 2 hours earlier to shower and blow dry your hair” she later goes on to give you a traffic light system of fucks – yellow = easy, orange = medium to tough and red = hardest.

The entire book is really empowering and makes me want to say the F word A LOT! I will refer back to it in the future and recommend to all my friends. This book makes you realise you can have your “me” time your pamper evenings and you can poo at work. You just need to not give a fuck about what people think. Sarah says, “The moment you decide to stop giving a fuck is the moment your start living your best life” and isn’t that what we all want, to live our best life. To bin off the crap cinema trips, weddings you don’t care about, meetings you don’t want to go to, friends you can’t stand so that you can have your best life, you can spend more quality time with your partner or your kids or your cat. You can spend money on green facemasks and trainers not shit brunches and theatre tickets. Be yourself, live your best life and stop giving a fuck!

Have you read the The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k? What did you think? If you haven’t read it go out and buy it, trust me it will change your outlook on life! I will be off buying Knight’s other life changing book “Getting Your Shit Together.” Thanks for reading. Katie x

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