Sunday Sizzler – Fajitas with Fey

Welcome to this weeks Sunday Sizzler! This week we have some delicious fajita for you to make with a side of a certain funny Fey for your must read.




Serves 2-4

Chicken or Beef
Fajita Spicy Packet Mix
Sour Cream

Chop up all your vegetables, put some oil in a hot pan and fry onions until golden and then add peppers. Add your meat until cooked through and turn the hob down so it is on a lower heat, add your fajita mix and let this soak in for a few minutes. Whilst this is all cooking make up your salad, and prepare your dips. (if you are feeling adventurous why not make nachos to go with your fajitas) Heat your wraps in the microwave for a minute or so and serve your fajita mix, salad, dips and cheese to sprinkle on top. Perfect for couples or an evening with friends.

To go with your fajitas, I have chosen a hilarious must read, Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Fey’s dream since she was little was to be a comedian, after a lot of grafting and hard work she made it onto Saturday Night Live and the rest is history. Fey discusses motherhood, romance and work. Not only hilarious but Fey’ book is interesting and insightful, she is the writer of Mean Girls for goodness sake what’s not to love!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks tasty recipe and must read novel. Please try out Dee’s delicious recipe and my recommended read, let us know how you get on, send photos of your meals or recommend something we should cook. We would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and we will be back next week for another Sunday Sizzler hope you enjoyed. Katie & Dee x

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