Reading in Heels – August Unboxing

As always I was ridiculously excited today when I saw that my Reading in Heels box had arrived on the doormat. Especially excited this month as it is their 1st birthday and they have said it will be extra special. They did not lie. This month I opened it in the garden, not because I was going to pee myself in excitement but because it is a lovely day and I could take nice photos with the flowers.

Obviously don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers!



This box contains:
– Patchology Eye Gels
– Coconut Lane Marble Notebook
– Vinoos Rose Wine Gums
– Night Navy Pencil
* Recommended read is Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown *


This might already be my favourite box I have received all year!

The pencil and notebook are so cute and I love the slogan down the side reading “A Well Read Woman”

I love the idea of the eye gel patches, I have used heat ones before so I am sure these will be a great treat one evening.

I mean who doesn’t like a posh wine gum? Please…

This months read is Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown, which is a Sunday Times Best Seller. Ma’am Darling looks at Princess Margaret from many angles, creating a beautiful biography of her life, the fame, the parties, the high society, her enemies and friends. I am so excited to read this book. I love anything about the royal family and have always been interested in Princess Margaret.

Reading In Heels is a great subscription each month you receive a book and lots of goodies normally worth a lot of money, especially the beauty products they give out.

Here are my reviews for the last 6 boxes so you can see what I got and what books were inside.

February Box
March Box
April Box
May Box
June Box
July Box

For £12.40 a month you can’t go wrong, a new book to read and delicious treats or pampering beauty products. I always get excited when my Reading in Heels is on the door matt when I get home from work. 

Are you a subscriber to reading in heels? How much did you enjoy this months box? I would love to know. Thanks for reading. Katie x

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