Book Review – Not Ready To Adult Yet

Not Ready To Adult Yet
By Iain Stirling
Harper Collins
Release Date: August 9th
Rating *****

Comedian Iain Stirling is best known as the brilliantly funny voice of the BAFTA-award winning smash hit Love Island. Despite his many accolades, and his mum telling him he’s her ‘special little soldier’ every day, Iain still struggles with everyday adult life. What a textbook millennial.

Looking back at his journey to adulthood, Iain explores why millennials are the way they are and whether that makes us self-obsessed, work-shy, mollycoddled, egomaniacs; or just a misunderstood generation with a crippling fear of failure.

Iain knows a lot about fucking up. And he’s ready to share.


So I kindly got the privilege to read Not Ready to Adult Yet because I am a member of NetGalley, the publishers (Harper Collins) accepted my request to read it and I literally devoured it in 2x days.

I am already a huge fan of Iain Stirling, I went to see his stand up show “You Ok Hun” in Plymouth a couple of months ago and I can honestly say I have never laughed so much in my life in just under 2 hours, I can’t say I peed my pants but I was almost embarrassingly close to. I then found out this hilarious man is also the narrator of Love Island. I have never watched Love Island before as I am not into reality TV but knowing Iain was making hilarious little comments about these beefed up, tanned “in love” Z-list celebrities, A-lister Instagram stars I was 100% in and I am addicted! Now I’ve had the amazing pleasure of reading his new book before it is even on the shelves, and it didn’t disappoint (obviously) in fact it was better than I expected and I shall tell you why.

Most comedians books I have read are about their lives, a life story of funny moments and why they got into comedy, their highs and lows in life etc etc. This is what I expected from Iain’s book, but this is not what I got.  Not only did Iain have me muffling giggles whilst I read this at work but it was also eye-opening and poignant… he made me think… how dare he?!! But joking aside he wrote about ‘millennials’. Which I am one of, and before this book I didn’t know a lot about… being an ignorant Millennial why should I even know what a Millennial is I am far too busy checking my Instagram likes and taking filtered selfies DUH. Iain explores why we are so scared to fail, how we are addicted to social media and our mobile phones and how this is effecting our communication, patience and self worth. We are in a world where we constantly want to be ‘liked’, have constant attention and show off our “perfect” life on tiny little squares. He discusses how our parents molly-coddled us into being we could be ANYTHING we want to be and now in our 20’s or 30’s with university degrees but mediocre jobs and still living at home we all feel like we have failed.

As much as I laughed out loud at this book it also gave me an insight into some home truths. It’s like he was speaking directly to me and it really made me think about my own life, my achievements, my “failures”, how my parents bought me up, how I worked hard at university, but now work somewhere I didn’t expect and at 27 live at home with my parents sitting on a small mountain of savings because the nasty mortgage people won’t give me enough to lend, to buy my own house, a house I have worked hard for and saved for but it’s still not quite in reach. I feel like I have failed. But that’s the millennial way.

Not only does Iain talk about adulthood but also the worries, anxiety and happiness of a more simple time, childhood. How we lived a life before technology and social media addictions. A lot of his school and childhood worries really made me reminisce. Such as calling a friend via the house phone, freaking out who would pick up the phone or knocking on a friends door which was by far the scariest thing in the world, the waiting and waiting, especially if they didn’t hear you and you would have to do a re-knock I would be drenched in sweat! Iain says “Younger readers probably can’t even fathom the anxiety surrounding this mammoth event plucking up the courage to knock on a mates door and knock on it and not know the horrors that lay inside” These little memories of the past really made me laugh and gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

In-between Iain’s thoughts on what it’s like to be a millennial he also conducted short interviews with his mum and social media stars like Casper Lee which break up the book and give others the chance to share their opinions. He also has short embarrassing and funny stories throughout, some of which are said in his stand up show but I still laughed at them especially when he walks in on a man having a shit, tells an 8 year old to go fuck himself and working with the crazy weirdos that are Jedward. I still can’t get over that they share a phone… freaks!

I absolutely loved Iain’s book he is very down to earth, hilarious, honest and made me understand why I am the way I am. Thank you for making me realise I am not a giant failure and I need to get off my phone and go outdoors and do other things… Like climb a tree or tell 8 year olds to go fuck themselves I don’t know but after reading this I feel like the world is my oyster and its not my fault my parents lied to me as a child.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a laugh, or any millennial who wants a bit of guidance on being an adult. You can pre-order Not Ready to Adult on Amazon here, the book is being released August 9th 2018. Katie x

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