Five For Friday – Favourite Friendships

To celebrate National Friendship Day on the 30th July, I have decided to share five of my favourite character friendships in fiction. Hope you enjoy.

1. Elizabeth Bennett and Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth and Charlotte are two very strong, independant, intelligent and high spirited women. Their friendship is strong yet doesn’t come without disagreements or bickers. Elizabeth is a strong believer in love and doesn’t agree with Charlotte when she marries for connivence, though I think this shows a very strong friendship as Elizabeth is not afraid to tell the truth. Though this is where they also bicker as Charlotte disagrees with a lot of Elizabeth’s stubborn opinions but differences aside their friendship stays strong and when Charlotte moves away she still visits her as often as she can even if she dislikes her husband.

2. Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings
Frodo and Sam are merely acquaintance before they set off on their epic journey. After hiking, climbing, battling, caring for Gollum, arguing, bickering and all the other billions of things these two do they have a very strong friendship. In the Two Towers Sam pretty much gets banished by Frodo and his ring bearing madness, Sam goes off in a massive stress and tries to walk home (HAHA) he realises that Frodo may be in danger and goes back and saves him even though he has pretty much been treated by crap by Frodo time and time again. Sam is a very resilient patient friend, if Frodo didn’t have his Sam there is no way they would of made it to Mordor!

3. Renée and Flo from Paper Aeroplanes
I love this friendship as it reminded me so much of friendships I had back in school. Flo is a nerdy quiet goodie two shoes who is “friends” with  Sally a snotty nosed bully that puts her down all the time. Renée is the exact opposite of Flo, she is the rebel; smoking, skipping classes and getting into trouble. Despite their differences in personality they both have quite bad home lives and that’s what brings them together. They have fights, make up, stick by each other, have fun and that’s what friendships are all about. Read my Paper Aeroplanes review here. 

4. Harry, Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter Series

This magical threesome (no pun intended) is probably one of my favourite friendships of all time. They go on so many quests, challenges, defeat enemies; voldemort included, they have to go through school and deal with the normal things like bullies, love, horrible teachers. They triumph and they fail, they bicker and they make up, they push each others strengths, recognise each others weaknesses, care for each other, support each other through thick and thin, lie for each other, sacrifice themselves for each other, get in danger for each other. I mean what haven’t they done? An extremely strong bond of friendship that I love reading time and time again.

4. Ove and Parvenah from A Man Called Ove
ove new
If you have read A Man Called Ove you will know he is a very stubborn and grumpy man. When Parvenah comes into his life this ruffles up his grumpy feathers and he refuses to accept her and her family into the neighbourhood lightly. However Parvenah and her family get into a bit of trouble here and there throughout the book and reluctantly Ove does help her. Parvenah I think teaches Ove to open up again and let kindness over come his grumpy stern ways. At first their friendship is one sided but Parvenah keeps persisting with her home made cookies and checking up on Ove and in the end I think kindness wins and Ove accepts her friendship happily but still with a huff.

Who are your favourite fictional friendships? I would love to know yours so please get in touch. Katie x

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