Brunch Review – Boston Tea Party

This morning I went for brunch with my fiancé Mike to Boston Tea Party on the Barbican in Plymouth.

Walking up to the place it looks so lovely from the outside and different from anywhere we’ve been before. We had heard how good it was for brunch so we were excited to go in.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.45.38

We found a table in a nice quiet area by the window and browsed the menu. Now usually I look at a menu before I go and decide what I want to eat – which I did with this place, but there’s so many yummy sounding things on the menu that I changed my mind. Mike always chooses pancakes whenever we go for brunch so of course he chose pancakes here. I went for eggy sour dough bread, with smoky bacon, avacado and mushrooms. We both chose a smoothie each (which were just delicious!) and a coffee.

I went up to order and the staff are so friendly, they genuinely seem like they love working there. The guy who served me was jolly and took my order with a smile, when I ordered the coffee and asked if they did any milk for someone who his lactose intolerant he didn’t bat an eyelid and advised me they do soya or oat. I love that I had more choice than just soya milk!

The food arrived in good time, and we could tell it was cooked fresh to order, it looked and smelled delicious, the waiter gave me some Tabasco sauce with mine and said “for you, if you’re brave enough” which made me laugh.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.45.19

The pancakes were made with ricotta and lemon in the batter which Mike was a little dubious about but he was pleasantly surprised and he loved them. My sour dough eggy bread was really nice, it was a huge portion – they could’ve given me half the amount they did and I would’ve been happy.

The atmosphere is good in there and the place is light and airy, it really gives the feel of what I imagine a cafe in America would be like.

We will definitely come again, and if you’re looking for somewhere healthy and different to brunch then I highly recommend this place.

Have you been before? If so what did you have to eat? I will try it next time! Dee 🙂

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