Five for Friday – Bad Bookish Habits

This week I am going to focus on 5x bad reading habits I have noticed I’ve been doing so far this year. With each bad habit I have also suggested a little plan for myself to keep me on track and to not slip up with my bookish bad habits for the rest of the year.


1. Finishing Books I Don’t Enjoy
I know I will never love every single book I read, but I have a nasty habit of finishing a novel that I’m really not enjoying. In a way it’s good as I never review a book I don’t finish and it shows I have determination but on the other hand what is the point of me reading a 600+ page book that is bringing me no joy? I read because I love stories, characters, plot lines and twists, reading takes me to another world, it helps me relax and escape, there really is no point putting a lot of time and effort into something that I don’t like.

PLAN: The next book I read that I’m not enjoying I won’t feel guilty about abandoning it, I shall just give up and stop reading it. Life is too short to read something you don’t like. 

2. Buying and Borrowing Too Much
I know that on my shelf I have around 20+ unread books and probably 10+ on my ibooks yet I still feel the need to purchase books wether it be from charity shops, bookstores or supermarkets. I also end up borrowing lots of books from friends telling them I may be a while reading it but “I will get round to it soon” when soon probably means about 6 months time. I need to stop this. Obviously I have a book buying addiction, I do get a thrill purchasing a new book I know I will love, but then it ends up on a very large pile of unread books.

PLAN: The next time I am faced with purchasing/borrowing another book, think long and hard about what I have at home and try to resist!

3. Getting Rid of the “Unwanted” Books
It is guaranteed that I have loads and loads of books on the shelf that I know in my heart I will never read again. Why do I keep them? I don’t know. Occasionally I do give books to my local book club or charity shop but it’s not often. I think I should do book clear outs more often and give my “unwanted” collection to a better more loved home.

PLAN: Once a month go through the bookshelf and turf out any “unwanted” books, give them to charity shops, friends or book club. 

4. Read More!
Seems simple enough but when I work 8-5pm five days a week, have quite an active social life and maintaining a healthy relationship it is difficult to fine precious moments to sit down, relax and read a book. I maybe putting myself down a bit here as I have so far read 40x books this year, but I really feel I need to make more “me” time and read.

PLAN: Instead of turning the the TV in the evenings read my book instead, read before I go sleep or in the mornings if there is time before work. 

5. Stop Putting Pressure On Myself
Recently I have realised I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to read certain books at a certain time. This is good in a way as it makes me read a lot and I can write lots of book reviews for all you lovely followers but it is also negative. I am part of a monthly book club and have a monthly book subscription so I always feel the need to make these books priority each month. Sometimes I only read these 2 books so my TBR pile gets left untouched. My bedside table becomes overcrowded with books I have started from my TBR but then abandoned as I am rushing to read the book club pick. I feel I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to read these books when I have a lot of books I have been looking forward to reading sat on the shelf still.

PLAN: Don’t always feel I HAVE to finish the book club book or my subscription book every single month. Read what I want in my own time with no pressure or I won’t enjoy the book at all. 

Do you share the same bookish bad habits as me? Do you just continue to do them or do you try and conquer them as well? Are there any bookish bad habits you do that I haven’t said? Please get in touch I would love to know your thoughts on this. Katie x

Don’t forget if you want to take part in Five for Friday please do, just use the subject I have chosen for that particular week and tag Brunching Bookworms in your post.

2 thoughts on “Five for Friday – Bad Bookish Habits

  1. Megan says:

    I’m sure we all have these bad habits! I know I do, but it looks like you have some attainable plans to deal with them.

    I had a pretty ridiculous book collection too, and I was definitely hoarding books I didn’t like or plan on reading/re-reading. Anyway, I recently used the Konmari method on my books and that helped. I pretty much took them all off the shelves and piled them into one room and looked at each book individually. If I didn’t want to read it, it didn’t bring me joy, or I knew I wasn’t going to re-read it, I got rid of it. It was hard, but it helped. Anyway, I donated a lot of them to my teacher friend for her classroom library, so that made me feel so much better about it.

    Good luck on your resolutions!

    Liked by 1 person

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      Hi Megan, thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I love the Konmari idea that sounds really good but I guess you have to be in a good frame of mind to let go of a lot of books in one go.

      I am hoping to stick to my little plans a bit better and hopefully this will help me enjoy reading to the maximum that I can!

      Thanks very much I shall let you know if I end up using the Konmari method 🤗📚

      Liked by 1 person

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