Three Things… My Home Town

Welcome to my Three Things for this week, I hope you enjoy it. This week I am focussing on my home town and things that I have seen, read or done in my local community. Often I think we take where we live for granted and don’t notice the small finer details of our home.

What is Three Things?…
Three Things was created by Paula’s at The Book Jotter. Her new idea is to regularly write three things she observes in the world around her which include:
1. Reading
2. Looking
3. Doing or Thinking

It’s just a great way for your followers to see what you have been up to in the week and mixes up what your normally post about.  If you want to also take part or find out more about Paula’s idea please go to her blog

My Three Things for this week are…

Reading – Mary Newman’s Cottage
Mary Newmans Cottage
32980 (04)-1500
I have lived in the town Saltash for most of my life and have heard of Mary Newman’s Cottage, walked passed it numerous amounts of times but have never gone inside. There was a little craft fair in the weekend so I finally got to see the inside and then read up more about it. The cottage belonged to the late Sir Francis’ Drake’s wife, Mary. Built in 1480 The cottage is by far the oldest building in Saltash and is a protected building. Inside it is like a mini museum showing off Elizabethan style, furniture, clothing and medicine/beauty products. The beautiful garden is also in Elizabethan style full of flowers, herbs and plants.

Seeing – Waterside views
I went for a walk with my sister and little niece around Saltash. We went down by the waterside and I took this photo. It always makes me feel so lucky that I live in such a beautiful place by the water. I love sitting down here and just relaxing taking in the views also the two bridges built buy Isambard Kingdom Brunel stand with pride above the river and I like looking at the architecture underneath. I cross the bridge everyday to get to work so it is nice to see it in another perspective.

Doing – The Midnight Walk
On Saturday myself and a friend and walking 13 miles at night for a local charity, St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth. We challenged ourselves with this last year and wanted to take part again for such a good cause. The local hospice has to raise 4.5million a year to run and looks after 3,531 patients a year. I used to work at St Luke’s as the graphic designer so this event and charity are close to my heart. We hope to walk it in around 4 hours and beat our time last year. I think supporting any local charity in your community is important and I am proud to do so.

Take a look around your local town or city, are there things you haven’t explored yet, are there things you see but you haven’t taken a look properly? Can you help out a local charity in some way? Have a look around you may be surprised. Thanks for reading, get in touch I would love to hear from you. Katie x

6 thoughts on “Three Things… My Home Town

      • Sandra says:

        A bouncing road would put me off straight away! Though I’m not sure I could walk across it anyway – ridiculous fear of heights! But in the car, and especially on the train – wonderful! Next time I cross, I’ll look out for the brave souls running!

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