Sunday Sizzler – New blog feature coming your way!

We are very excited to show you our new blog post Sunday Sizzler. Each week Dee will be giving you a delicious, healthy and easy to follow recipe served with a side of a sizzling hot “must read”.

Dee has always been in to cooking especially healthy meals, she loves to experiment with flavours, making up sauces and recipes to try for herself and to share with friends, family and her fiancé.

We thought this would be the perfect way to mix Dee’s love of cooking and food and her love of reading and books into one exciting sizzling post.

We hope you enjoy the recipes and must reads we have in store for you, please let us know if you follow any of the recipes we would love to hear how they went send photos too! Feel free to suggest any meals you would like us to make as well we are always happy to hear from you so get in touch.

Keep an eye out this Sunday for a great recipe for Chicken Satay and a fantastic read with lots of sassy characters to complement your meal.

Katie & Dee x

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