Brunching Bookworms Sunday Picnic

Myself and Dee haven’t actually seen each other for 3 whole weeks! So weird not seeing each other. So today we decided to go to Plymouth’s Central Park for a little picnic and take some books along to read in the sunshine. We met up at Tesco and got ourselves some healthy salads along with Dee’s cousin Shanice.

After a nice stroll in the sunshine in the park we found a nice tree to set up camp and eat our little picnic, read our books and Shanice even bought her laptop to continue writing her own novel.

It was lovely just being sat outdoors, chilling and reading I will definitely want to do this more often, it is always the simple things in life that are the most fun.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 03.57.17

What were we reading?

Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie
I have literally just finished this novel in the garden, I won’t share too much as I will shortly be writing a review but I really enjoyed it. Winner for the Women’s Prize for Fiction this year, Home Fire is a very modern and fearless tale of a family who become divided. Really thought provoking and shocking in places this novel is worth a read.

Love Simon by Becky Albertalli
I have only really just started reading Love Simon, but I am so far really enjoying it, which I am really glad of because lately I have picked up so many books and put them down quite quickly not being able to stick with them. Love Simon has really grabbed my interest. This novel is about a 16 year old boy who is gay but not openly so, when an email falls into the wrong hands he starts to become blackmailed and worried that soon the entire school will know his sexual identity. Funny and adorable I am so far really enjoying Love Simon.

I didn’t end up reading any of Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn as I am currently in the progress of writing my own novel. I have decided to let Katie and Dee proof read when I have a draft ready, so can’t wait to hear their thoughts on my book.

We really enjoyed out picnic in the park today, it was a lovely way for us all to catch up but also catch up with our reading in this beautiful sunshine. We hope you all had lovely weekends as well what did you get up to? Where were you reading? We would love to know so get in touch. Katie & Dee x

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