Three Things…

Three Things was created by Paula’s at The Book Jotter. Her new idea is to regularly write three things she observes in the world around her which include:
1. Reading
2. Looking
3. Doing

It’s just a great way for your followers to see what you have been up to in the week and mixes up what your normally post about.  If you want to also take part or find out more about Paula’s idea please go to her blog

Here’s my Three Things for this week…

Reading – Tarot Cards
My younger sister has always been very spiritual, she has recently bought some tarot cards and wanted someone to practise on so I was the guinea pig. She chose 6x cards for me and explained them a bit to me, I had a mix of good cards and not so good cards, lots of things came up about work, money and relationships. Obviously it’s early days for her but I felt she was pretty accurate. I looked up the meaning of my cards when I got home and read about that. Then I got reading about how tarot cards work, what they mean, how you can learn to do them. So I found this very interesting.

The cards I got were:
– 9 of Penticles
– 7 of Swords
– King of Penticles
– 5 of Cups
– 3 of Swords
– The Sun

Seeing – The Titanic
I went to see Titanic The Musical in the The Theatre Royal Plymouth. It wasn’t an adaption of the film but a more factual representation of what actually happened on the Titanic and the cause and blame of the sinking. The singing was absolutely amazing, though I don’t think any of the songs stuck in my head like a usual musical. The set was exactly the same throughout the musical, I felt like it needed changing up a bit but the lack of props and set was well done really well and the way they utilised the smallest thing was so good. I just personally prefer plays with multiple sceneries. It probably wasn’t my favourite musical I have ever seen but it was eye opening to see what really happened with the titanic and who blamed who. I probably would of enjoyed it a lot more if the couple behind me shut up. They spoke through the entire musical and it was so off putting. But I have put a complained into the theatre so hopefully I shall hear back.

Doing – The Killers
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 21.45.21.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 21.45.51
My teenage dreams came true in the weekend. I went to Swansea with one of my mates to see The Killers! We had a long wait to get into the arena, a long wait for them to come on stage, I had to pee for about 7 hours but it was so worth it! We were right at the front leaning on the barrier singing our hearts out to every single song. Brandon Flowers is even hotter in the flesh and such a beautiful amazing singer! The 2 hours they were on stage went in a flash and I can’t believe I have seen them live. They are probably one of the best acts I have ever seen live on stage.

So that’s my three things for this week, hope you enjoyed and also if you don’t already please get involved. Thanks for reading. Katie x

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