Five for Friday – Authors I’ve Neglected

This week I have decided to look at some authors that I used to LOVE who I have regretfully neglected. I am sure we all have our “go to” authors, loving everything that they write, always buying their latest novels. But I guess, like me you may get bored, or move onto other things and by accident neglect those authors that you once adored. I’m hoping  inspires me to go back to some of my favourite authors and also to inspire yourselves to do the same too.

I have been writing Five for Friday for a couple of months now and thought that other bloggers may want to join in. Feel free to do so but just a couple of rules.

1. Please tag/link my blog into your post

2. Each friday there will be a different topic, please us the topic I have suggested

3. You are more than welcome to use the artwork banner for your post if you wish to.

Anyway here is this weeks Five for Friday…

1. Dean Koontz

It was my dad who got me into Dean Koontz novels quite a few years ago. One of my favourite books is written by Koontz, ‘Watchers’. It’s so amazing! Some other favourites are, ‘One Door Away from Heaven’, ‘By the Light of the Moon’ and ‘Odd Thomas’ Koontz’s writing is always so exciting, he has loads of different viewpoints from different characters which I love, most of his novels have amazing twists and turns, there’s always a lot of action and drama. Everything I love in a novel he writes, yet for some reason I haven’t read any of his novels in a long time. I think I would like read more of his work as I really did love his writing style and none of his books disappointed me.

2. Chuck Palahniuk
At one point I could not get enough of Palahniuk’s weird and odd stories. Best known for writing Fight Club, Palahniuk’s work is pretty dark, unique and there’s normally a good plot twist at the end. One of my favourites of his is Invisible Monsters, such a good book! I have also read Survivor and Choke. Not sure why I have neglected Palahniuk as I have enjoyed everything I have read of his so far. Think I need to get back on the weird Palahniuk train.

3. Jane Austen

One of my favourite classic novels is Pride & Prejudice. I can’t get enough of it and I’ve read it multiple times. I have tried to read Emma and just can’t get into it at all. However Austen still has Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park and Persuasion. I think maybe with Austen I feel that none of her work can live up to Pride and Prejudice, but is this a good enough reason to neglect the rest of her work? Probably not!

 4. Stephen King
download (1)
Very much like Dean Koontz, King has a million billion trillion books which contain multiple view points of authors, action, thriller, psychological drama, plot twists, lots of exciting stuff that I enjoy reading. But again like Koontz I have also neglected King. I haven’t really read much of his vast works, I love Dreamcatcher that is probably one of my favourites, Misery, The Shining are also great. I wasn’t too keen on Carrie and I couldn’t get into Cujo. But it doesn’t mean the rest of his novels aren’t great as they probably are. I regret neglected King, but I must say a lot of his books are sooooo long! I would like to read ‘It’ but it is such a giant book it would take me so long to read it.

5. Fredrik Backman

This one is slightly different because the only book I have read by Backman is A Man Called Ove. However I absolutely adored this novel so very much, from the characters, to the plot line, the way it is beautifully written, the humour, how it felt so real… so I am now wondering to myself why the hell have I not read anything else by Backman, if he can write Ove I’m 100% sure he isn’t just a one man band kind of guy. Can anyone recommend any Backman novels that I should be reading? I’m sure all of his works are amazing but I like a good recommendation as well.

Have you regretfully/mistakenly neglected some authors you used to love? Who were they and what did you like about their writing style? Do you think you will read more of their work again? I hope I have inspired you to pick up some of your neglected authors. Thanks for reading Katie x

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