Five For Friday – The Book was better than The Film

So many novels these days get transformed into films and make millions on the big screen, but many of these adaptions just don’t seem to be as effective on screen as they did in pages of a book.

I have chosen 5 books which I adored but I hated the film adaption.

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife
By Audrey Niffenegger

I didn’t exactly hate the film, but it misses out so much! The book is very in depth and a lot more emotional especially when she keeps having constant miscarriages. The film focused more on their love for each other I guess. I liked the casting, I just thought that they skipped through the timeline so quickly it missed out key points. But Eric Bana is hot sooo I can forgive the film

2. One Day 
By David Nicholls

I really enjoyed the book when I read it even though both characters annoyed me but I enjoyed the story and I have always loved the way David Nicholls writes, emotional yet with humour. The film was terrible and what made it ridiculous was casting Anne Hathaway who couldn’t do a Yorkshire accent if she was held at gunpoint, I mean really?!!! Why not cast a good British actress to play this part? (I love Anne Hathaway she just didn’t suit this role) The film was a massive disappointment.

3. Misery
By Stephen King

This was quite a recent Book Club read and I loved it!!! So intense such an amazing Stephen King thriller I literally couldn’t put it down. It made me sweaty and nervous and I was literally scared of her. The film was a pile of crap! I love Kathy Bates and she’s an amazing actress but the tension wasn’t there like in the book. I know its an old film but it doesn’t cost money to put in some tension or build up.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
By JK Rowling

As a child growing up this was my absolute favourite Harry Potter book! And is probably still one of my favourites. The film however completely ruined it for me, ruined it so much that I never went to see another harry potter in the cinema until the deathly hallows films. I do like the other Harry Potter films, now that I am slightly over my grumble, but Azkaban was dreadful. They changed Hogwarts, the plot wasn’t the same, just everything didn’t feel right to me and I got really annoyed about it!

5. The Hunger Games
By Suzanne Collins

I adore the books and I do like the films but comparing the first novel to the first film… well if they upped it to an 18 there would be way more brutal scenes. Peeter’s gang green infected disgusting leg in the book… was a tiny little cut in the film… listening and seeing Cato Get ripped to shredded by the Wolf Mutts For hours and hours was like a 2 minute scene and he screams once. I get they toned it down so it could attain a wider audience but please… I wanted it to be more like Battle Royale not just a boring Film an 11 year old could happily sit through.

Have you ever been disappointed by a film adaption from a book? What was it and why? Thanks for reading Katie x

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