Five For Friday – Reading Habits

So this week I have chosen five areas in my reading habits to share my bookwormish ways with you. Sorry there are no photos for this post, I have had tonsillitis and felt crappy so I’ve been to tired and ill to take any.


So my book shelf is super overcrowded at the moment. I tend to put things in some kind of genre order, top shelf classics, middle shelf is contemporary classics and memoirs/biographies and the bottom is books I probably won’t read a second time. Then I have a pile to the front which is unread books basically my physical TBR pile, which is currently about 22 books high!. I do love my bookshelf my great uncle actually made it and it was in my grandad’s house as long as I can remember, so theres a lot of memories and meaning to it.

How do I keep track of what I read?
I don’t have a Good Reads account (shock horror to some) as I prefer writing in my notebook what books I have read every year, I keep this in my bedside table drawer and its a good reference to what I have/haven’t read and how many books I read each year. I don’t really have a method of what I will read next, I have a long TBR pile and my problem is that I will buy a new shiny new book and read that in excitement before I crack on with a book that has been on my shelf for 2 years. This is a habit I am trying to change.

My favourite place to read 
My bed. Snugged up in the duvet, its always been my favourite place. I prefer reading when its totally quiet so I can concentrate hence why reading in bed in my room is my favourite. I can adapt though, like a bookworm chameleon I do read outside of the “safe zone” I can read commuting on trains, planes, buses and most of the time I can block out the background noise.

Paperback or digital?
I used to be so against reading on my phone or tablet. My dissertation at university was basically about how books are amazing and digital reading sucks (that was not the title this was the jist, I am more intelligent than that, trust me) I’ve always been a very tactile person, maybe this comes from the creative side of my personality. Also as a job I am stuck in an office staring at a screen for 8 hours so having a book in my hands and reading from pages just feels a lot nicer. However I have started a small collection of ibooks on my phone. When I get the chance to read at work or commuting it is a lot easier than lugging a book around. But I will always be a paperback girl!

All my books look like they are brand new. Breaking the spine makes me feel sick (get this habit from my dad) I like all my books to look like they haven’t been read. Except if they are from a charity shop then I don’t care. I always use book marks and never turn down the page corners! Shivers. I don’t judge people who spine bend etc but if i know you do it I will not be in a hurry to lend you anything!

When do I read?
Having a full time job, a boyfriend and a busy social life makes it hard to find time to read. Sometimes I wish I could just have a week off work to catch up with my reading! I try to read every night before I go to sleep, this doesn’t just help me get through a lot of books but relaxes me and makes me sleep better. I often read once I am home from work before I get on with other things, again it’s just nice to sit and relax for a while after a busy day. Sometimes I get the chance to read books off my phone at work when it’s really quite or on my lunch break. Normally I drive, but if I happen to be commuting on days like today (5 hour bus journey to London) then I get a good amount of reading
time done.

I have more than one book on the go I’ve always done that even as a child and it’s a great way to boost in more reading time. On average I will be reading one on my phone 2 on my bedside table. That way if I get a bit bored or want to change it up i just swap books. Currently I am reading in paper back Umami and White Teeth by Zadie Smith (really struggling to read the last 66 pages!!) On my phone I am reading Reservoir 13.

My purchasing habits have changed a lot during the years. I used to buy 99% of my books off Amazon. I still do this sometimes. Recently i have been buying lots from charity shops as they are cheap and you are giving back to good cause. I do a monthly book subscription to Reading with Heels, so I am guaranteed 1x book per month and like I said above, I’ve also started using ibooks on my phone a lot more. I do enjoy browsing books in book shops but I do find them expensive, which is a shame, seeing as my main dream in life is to own my very own bookshop, but that’s another story. I have bought quite a few books in supermarkets lately they always have good deals on like 2x for £7 you can’t beat that really seeing as most books start at £8.99 these days.

Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks Five for Friday. Do you have any fun or unusal reading habits you would like to share? Do you share any of the same habits or preferences as me? I would love to know! Thanks for reading. Katie x


2 thoughts on “Five For Friday – Reading Habits

    • brunchingbookworms says:

      I do go on GoodReads to look at other people’s reviews and sometimes look at their lists of top “horro” books etc. I’ve never fancied having an account though, I think I would spend loads of time on there looking for books to read rather than actually reading! But I totally get its weird I don’t have an account 😂

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