World Book Day – My Favourite Authors as a Child

Happy World Book Day!! World Book Day is a celebration of reading its a magical day to encourage children to explore the pleasure of getting lost in a good book and appreciating authors, illustrators and most importantly books!

World Book Day isn’t something I have really thought about since being in school. So I thought as a celebration of such a magical book loving day I would share some of my favourite authors and books that I adored growing up.

Roald Dahl

I literally loved every book of his as a child, fun extravagant and strange he writes twisted tales of magic and nonsense containing nasty enemies and children as heroes . I still enjoy his adult books now and I also loved reading his autobiographies. I think my favourite Roald Dahl was the BFG or Matilda, but it’s so hard to choose from such an amazing collection. There are so many book covers for Dahl’s collection, mainly illustrated by the very talented Quentin Blake, these book covers above bring back so many fond memories of reading the collection I had as a child.

Jacqueline Wilson

I adored Jacqueline Wilson books the 2 that stick in my mind are Illustrated Mum and the Girls in Love series. They were girly, gritty, fun and full of drama, featuring themes of adoption, divorce, mental illness and other quite controversial topics for children to read, her books were like nothing I had ever read before and I loved them all. Again another set of books where I really liked the book covers, I’ve chosen all the covers I remember having on my bookshelf when I was younger, illustrated all by Nick Sharratt.

 Mildred A. Wirt Benson

My mum got me into the Nancy Drew books as a child, she told me she used to read them a lot when she was younger and that I would enjoy them too. She was right, of course she is my mother after all! I adored Nancy Drew and her amateur detective work in solving many a mind boggling mystery. Nancy Drew was probably one of the first female heroic leads I had read in fiction, she was beautiful, highly intelligent, brave and a good role model for girls.  I really enjoyed trying to solve each mystery before Nancy got there! Don’t think I ever did guess the endings of any though. (Also slightly confused on the author Nancy Drew went on from the 1930s to pretty much present day, so I assume there were lots of writers not just Benson)

Jill Murphy

Before Harry Potter ever even existed the magical craze back in the day was Jill Murphy’s Worst Witch series. I honestly don’t really remember each individual story but I do remember the book covers and that I was obsessed with reading them. Mildred Hubble the main character was a bit of an outcast, she was different from all the other witches and was picked on because of this but she always tries her best and doesn’t let anyone get her down. Her nasty potions teacher is the one who calls her “The Worst Witch” (Wonder if JK Rowling got some inspiration for Snape here hmmm)

JK Rowling

I was actually quite late on the bandwagon of Harry Potter, I have always been like that. I wait until the hype goes down a bit and enjoy books and TV when there is less fuss. Not that the hype has ever gone down with Harry Potter but still! Always a lover of magical fantasy novels obviously Harry Potter was a childhood favourite. Though as I got a bit older I did find JK Rowling’s writing too simple for me, and the length of the books just got too much. But as an adult I regained my love for Harry Potter again and hope to read the entire series this year. Obviously I love the older style illustrations on the covers.

So there are my top 5 authors and books as a child. Writing this post has brought back many happy memories of reading from when I was younger also my love for the illustrations on the book covers has brought back a lot of nostalgia, which makes sense as my job is a Graphic Designer. Also just realised 4/5 of my favourite authors of a child were women! Girl Power!!!

What were your favourite authors and books growing up as a child? Have I missed out anything that I should of read? Let me know, thanks for reading and Happy World Book Day. Katie x


2 thoughts on “World Book Day – My Favourite Authors as a Child

  1. brunchingbookworms says:

    Thank you! No I had no idea there was one, I shall give that a watch this evening 🙂 I used to like the tv show as a kid, and all the tv versions of the Jacqueline Wilson books too. Obviously the books were better!


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