One of my reading goals this year is to tackle my TBR pile. What an easy task you might think, a mere 20 books sat on the shelf, just read one at a time and you will conquer it quickly… well no, it’s not that easy especially when you are a book buying addict 20 unread books has already become 30 in the less than a month! I can’t help myself any book bargains I see I end up buying more, if I go into a charity shop for more than 10 seconds I leave with at least 5 books and I have just joined Reading With Heels meaning I will get a book sent to me every month. There is no stopping me! With my bookshelf become more than over crowded I have noticed a lot of books that have been piling up and up from maybe even a few years ago that I have never read. Hence why I want to tackle my TBR pile.

I have already made some progress yay! Since January 2018 this is what I have read from my never ending TBR pile. My aim is to read about 5-6 a month and hopefully slow down on the purchasing of books (she says hopefully but knows it won’t happen).

1. Starter for 10 by David Nicholls 
This has been on the pile for so long! Im not sure why as I love David Nicholl’s novels and this one didn’t disappoint. I love the film and the book was just as funny, cringey and bought back loads of memories from when I was at university. The book is in he perspective of Brian Jackson and starts his first year at university. Brian is nerdy, awkward, spotty, weird and his various attempts of romancing the glamorous and popular Alice are hilarious. He joins the University Challenge Team as he used to watch it on TV with his late father and hopes that the team will make it so he can be on TV. If you want a light hearted laugh out loud read this one is for you.


2. Funny Girl by Nick Hornby
I’m still currently reading this book, its such a lovely story I wont say too much as I will review this one when I’ve finished. It’s set in 1964 a young girl Barbra from Blackpool is crowned Miss Blackpool and after 5 minutes ditches her crown to move to London and create a better life for herself. Her dream is to become a comedy actress like her idol she watched on TV, and after one audition she is staring in her very her own BBC comedy series.


3. A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
Been meaning to read this in forever! I also only recently watched the film. They were quite different in lots of ways and I enjoyed both. I’m a massive cat lover and enjoy reading memoirs/biographies so this novel although sad in places was really good. It’s amazing how one small animal could change someone life that much. Such a beautiful heart-warming tale.
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4. The Gilded Cage by Vic James
I reviewed this one earlier in the week (read here) and now onto the second book! A great YA fantasy, political drama.


5. Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsey
One of my fav books this year, a few years old now but I adore Gordon Ramsey and I loved learning about his life and his career his struggles and achievements.


6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote
Slightly disappointed with this book I had no idea it was a short story. However I loved the way it was written but I just wanted there to be more. On this occasion I actually loved the film a lot more than the novel! Which is unusual. However the book-cover I have is beautiful so it will stay on my bookshelf for now.


Pretty happy with how many books from my TBR pile I am getting through already this year, I will update you end of March on how I am getting on.

What have you got on your TBR pile have you made a good start getting through it this year? I would love to know, thanks for reading. Katie x

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