Birthday Brunch at The Dome

On Sunday 11th February myself and Dee visited The Dome Restaurant & Bar on the Plymouth Hoe, for our posh boozy birthday brunch.


We got there a little early which wasn’t a problem and were seated by the window looking out at the beautiful views plymouth has to offer. We not only enjoyed the views but also enjoyed watching everyone walking their cute dogs! We exchanged birthday presents (exciting!!!) and then got in the drinks!


We decided to go for the same cocktail (as besties do) an Elderbubble which consisted of elderflower, vodka, prosecco and cucumber which was lovely, though £8.50 for a tumblr glass felt a bit overpriced but hey ho its a birthday treat! We then went straight into main course both choosing their homemade purple pesto and roasted butternut squash gnocchi which was not only delicious but it was actually purple!!! We had sides of caesar salad, rainbow slaw and chips. We were both really impressed with the flavours and presentation of the gnocchi, it was sweet and delicious.

We then had desserts I had the lemon meringue pie, with raspberry sorbet, Dee had the chocolate truffles with an espresso. Dee asked for the espresso to be switched to an americano which the waitress was more than fine with, however instead of the americano, her dessert still came with the espresso. We then complained saying this is not what we asked for, they apologised and a while later bought over a latte, which confused us both as neither of us asked for a latte, and Dee couldn’t drink it anyway as she is lactose intolerant. Slightly miffed with the coffee mix up, Dee then just said forget the coffee completely, we will get a raspberry mojito and a peach bellini. Yet the waitress came over again this time with the americano, that we originally asked for about 20 minutes ago. It was a coffee disaster! However the cocktails came (thankfully the ones we ordered) these were okay but we were so fat and full from all the food they weren’t slipping down as easily as we wanted them too and the coffee confusion kind of ruined our vibe.

When we go the bill the latte that we never ordered was on there so we refused to pay for this and the waitress without question took this and the mojito off the bill, she apologised greatly for all the mistakes and inconveniences made to us. Minus the coffee fiasco and at time slow service, we both had a really lovely time, the food was delicious and the views were superb. The only thing letting this restaurant down unfortunately was the waitressing staff. I heard our waitress apologise to at least 4-5 other tables around us, maybe she was just having a bad day or she was new but at least apologies were made though quite unimpressed hearing that other people obviously had complaints as well as us.  When you go out for a nice meal, plan to spend a lot of money, the views are great, decor lovely and food delicious it really shines through when the waitresses are not on par with everything else, which is a real shame.

I would recommend The Dome for its food but not its service. Has anyone been here before what was your experience like? We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading Katie x

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