Brunch Review – Moorland Garden Hotel

On Saturday 3rd February I visited The Moorland Garden Hotel in Yelverton for lunch with my Dad for his birthday.

I had previously booked a table, but we had decided we would maybe eat in the bar instead. When we walked in the restaurant was empty, the bar had a few people in and it had a very relaxed feel and was very light and airy, so we decided to stay in the bar. There are comfy sofas to sit in, or tables to sit at. A couple were sat on the sofas playing scrabble together, with a coffee which I thought was nice, you don’t see people doing that much nowadays. We chose a table towards the back.

The bar staff were very friendly, and we noticed that dogs are welcome in the bar, a note we mentally made for next time if my parents wanted to come again and bring their dog.

There were 2 menus to choose from, a menu of 3 courses for £16.95 or another more varied menu. We chose to order from the 3 course menu.

I chose for my starter ham hock terrine with quails egg, and my Dad chose goats cheese tart, the food arrived fairly quickly, and was delicious, you could tell it was cooked freshly.

For main course we had chicken breast cooked in a winter vegetable broth with kale and shared a side order of chips, which were quite honestly the best chips I have ever eaten! The portion sizes were just right for 3 courses and we were looking forward to a dessert.

For dessert I had a fruit pie and Dad had a moose, it was beautifully presented and tasted just as good, the coffee we ordered with it arrived promptly.

The atmosphere was lovely and relaxed and there wasn’t an air of being rushed like there is in some restaurants. I would quite happy go again with my boyfriend and sit on the sofas playing a game and having a drink. It even made me want a pet dog so I could go for a nice walk on the moors and then in for drink or a sandwich afterwards! As we were leaving there was a couple sat in the sofa area and it looked like they were discussing a wedding, again it was very relaxed and the wedding planner was very friendly, the whole place has such a lovely feel to it.

 I will definitely return to this place, and highly recommend it to anyone.
Dee 🙂


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