Brunch in January – Bills

Our first Brunch of the year! This is our review of our brunch at Bills on the 21st January at Drake Circus, Plymouth.

It had recently opened, and we were keen to try it. Upon being shown to our tables the place is a lot bigger than we thought it would be, with seating upstairs and down. The person showing us to our table was very friendly and full of smiles. Where we were seated wasn’t the best place to put us, as it was the main way to and from the kitchen, so there was always someone walking right past the table – the place was fairly empty, so we could’ve been seated in a better location.

We ordered our drinks after waiting a while to catch the waitresses attention, who was on the moody side we noted. Cloudy Apple and coffee for me, and Watermelon smoothie for Katie, they arrived pretty quickly, and the smoothie was delicious.

Our food arrived next. I opted for avocado and poached eggs on toast with a side of black pudding, and when I noted that I was lactose intolerant so could they leave the butter off the toast, the waitress didn’t bat an eyelid, which was refreshing, as I am sometimes met with confusion.

Katie had eggs royale with a side of avocado. The portion sizes were good, however mine lacked on avocado, and could’ve been a better size portion considering I had 2 pieces of bread. I had been to Bills in Manchester and had the same thing, for some reason this didn’t taste as good as I remembered it.

The atmosphere was nice, tables and the areas surrounding them clean and tidy, we noticed the décor in some parts was rather strange, it had a 20’s feel to it but some of the decorations – for instance the masses of dried chilies hanging behind me was odd, but we did like the little quirky things such as the paintings, the pot the cutlery was in and the cute little salt and pepper shakers.

The downside to this place, which I feel did let it down, was they automatically add 10% service charge to your bill, now call me old fashioned but I like to leave a tip if I feel the waiting staff deserve one, I hate the assumption that we will be happy to tip. I don’t feel that on this occasion they deserved a tip based on the waitress being pretty grumpy.

I would visit this place again, but not for breakfast or brunch, I would like to go again in the evening to perhaps see a difference in atmosphere and try the delicious sounding Thai Green Curry.

On the whole it was a pleasant trip, I think that was more so because of the company, as Katie and I can chat away hours together.

Have you been here before? What did you think of it? Get in touch and let us know. Dee 🙂

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