My Recent Book-Buying Spree

If you are anything Dee and myself, you can’t resist a good book bargain when you see one, even if you don’t really need another new book as soon as you see those sale signs or 241 in a book store, grabbing anything and everything to add to your precious collection. We are exactly the same and we have no shame in it, we love books, we love to buy them, and we will read ALL of them…eventually.

My favourite place to go on a book buying spree is probably charity shops, you never know what you will find, they are really cheap so you could get 3, 4 even maybe 5 books for a few pounds and more importantly your money is going to a good cause. There is always something quite exciting scouring a charity shop bookshelf, you really can find some gems!

On my recent book buying binge I got 4 books some from Barnardo’s and some from St Luke’s Hospice. I have only managed to read one so far, I will let you know what I purchased and explain why these 4x books took my fancy.

  1. A Slice of Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsey

I have always really liked Gordon Ramsey, he is my favourite TV chef mainly because his outrages are hilarious, a lot of people have told me he has had a really interesting life so I saw this and thought I would give it a go. This is the book I have managed to read so far I LOVED IT! There was so much about Gordon Ramsey I didn’t know at all, he had an awful upbringing with his abusive violent father, he so passionate driven and hardworking he did some crazy things to get where he is today.  Reading this has made me like Gordon even more!

2. White Teeth by Zadie Smith

A book I have seen in charity shops countless times and picked up but never bought. I don’t really know much about the story but I know that was the winner of the 2000 whitbread awards, it’s apparently really hilarious. I have only heard good things about it, can’t wait to get stuck in!

  1. Marley & Me by John Grogan

This film cracks me like a nut every time I watch it, I cry and cry. I didn’t even realise it was based on a book and I am one of those people who loves comparing book to film. I will find out which one I think is better.

  1. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

I saw this book listed on a list of books with amazing plot twists. I do love a plot twist, who doesn’t so picked this one up too.

Tell us about your recent book buying spree what gems did you buy? Have you read any of the books I listed above, what do you think about them? We would love to hear from you so get in touch. Katie x

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