Read away those Winter Blues

Christmas might be over but winter is still among us, waking up to dark dreary mornings and coming home in the darkness from a hard days work can feel so dull and depressing. Mix that in with the bad weather and that strange lull after the exciting Christmas cheer I think we all feel those winter blues catching up with us.

However there’s ways to combat those winter blues and of course this includes reading! Like our good friends in Denmark teach us, it’s all about Hygge. Hygge is a feeling of being cosy, content and comfortable on your own, with friends or family. So what better way to practise this than by embracing those dark rainy evenings with a really good book, a fluffy blanket, some scented candles, a hot drink and some snuggly pyjamas! I couldn’t think of a better way to feel happy, cosy and content.

The book I am curled up with at the moment is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, it’s magical, mysterious and the descriptions of the harsh yet beautiful snowy landscapes, make it the perfect novel for snuggling up in the evenings with.

Set in the 1920s, married couple Jack and Mabel move to Alaska in the bleak wilderness and live in a remote cabin away from everything they have ever known. Mabel torments herselfas her and Jack never had any children , she feels lonely and miserable and that something is missing in their lives. During the seasons first snowfall they go out onto the land and build a snow child. The next day their snow child is missing, yet a mysterious young blonde haired girl appears running around the forest with a fox. Both curious and in wonder can Jack and Mabel find room in their hearts for her? Is she whatshe seems? Did their snow child really come to life? Is it magic? Are they both going mad? Is she living out in the woods alone?….

I won’t answer these questions you will have to read it to find out who the Snow Child is.

This novel is beautifully written; I loved the story and all of the characters, especially the charming descriptions of the harsh landscapes. The novel touches on loneliness, love, poverty, survival, friendship, family and the painful sacrifices we make for love. Fairy-tale esque this book is a keeper and I’m very much enjoying reading the winter blues away with this novel.

Let us know what book you are reading the winter blues away with. We hope you are embracing some quality “me time” and maybe practising a bit of hygge in your home.
Katie x

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