Brunching Challenge

Katie and I love food, probably more than the average person, the topic of our emails throughout our working days are “what’s for lunch today?” Or “what are you cooking tonight?” We often discuss the restaurants we have been to with our boyfriends or friends the night or weekend before, and what food we ate. Whenever we go somewhere to eat we are looking at the menu before hand to see what we are going to have.

But it isn’t just about the food, it is the social aspect of it, sitting down after a long day at work and telling our boyfriends about our day. Catching up with friends we don’t see too often and filling one another in about what we have been up to since we last saw them. The atmosphere of a busy restaurant with happy people chatting away is fun.

Katie and I one day while in discussion about places to eat, found there were a few restaurants we wanted to go to, so we came up with an idea and compiled a list of 12 restaurants we want to try, and decided to go to one a month for the next year. Thus our brunching challenge formed! We put all 12 names into an envelope and will pick out one a month at random, and review where we go.

  • Wagamamas
  • Super Bowls
  • Nandos
  • Positano
  • Rock Salt
  • The Dock
  • Salumi
  • Bills
  • Leandra
  • Thai House
  • Kuku
  • Rockfish

January’s Brunching Choice
Join us on Sunday 21st January where we go to the Japanese restaurant Kuku. Neither of us have been before but we have looked at the menu (obviously) and we are excited to go!

Have you been to Kuku? Or a Japanese restaurant? What’s your your favourite dish? Get in touch and recommend something to us.

Dee  🙂

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